Seabather's Eruption? Does A Full Body Rash Guard Help?

by SH

Does anyone wear a full body rash guard or 3mm wetsuit as protection against seabather's eruption (often misnamed sea lice)? I'm hearing it can be a big problem in the Caribbean and Florida.

Most advise against wearing rash guards, t shirts and 1 piece swimsuits because they get trapped inside, then sting.

I've heard 2 different things consistently: wear as small a bathing suit as possible or no bathing suit (yeah...neither is happening - don't have the bod for that!) OR wear a form fitting full wetsuit that seals well at the wrists and ankles and use Safe Sea on any other exposed areas.

Does anyone have any personal experience with this?

I'm wondering if it makes any difference in the sealing or protection if it's just a rash guard for warmer weather or if it's better to wear a 3mm wetsuit?

Thank you for any information.

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Jun 13, 2016
Stinger Suit
by: Florence

Hi, I understand your point of view. I think I am reacting to those little buggers!

Recently, I bought a stinger suit which is made of lycra or polyester and is tight fitting on my wrists and ankles. I have not had the chance yet to try it. I will try it in Hawaii in 2017!

But I did a lot of research and some people think that it is a must even if you're not reacting to sea lice. Because in some areas, you might encounter some jellyfish and have a bad reaction.

They also say that it is better to not rinse under a shower until you can take off your suit because if there is some in it, the fresh water will make them sting you, even with the stinger suit.

I know it is not exactly the answer your were looking for, but I am sure that some people have experience with it and will give us their opinion.

Jun 13, 2016
by: SH

Thanks Florence, I appreciate your input!

There's lots of talk about it on dive sites, but not much consensus on how to prevent, other than swimming in a skimpy suit or nude.

I leave in a week and hate to invest in a wetsuit if it's not going to help or even make it worse. Some people say if you don't wear an actual "dry suit" that prevents water from getting in, it'll trap them just the same as a t-shirt or bathing suit.

I wouldn't be so worried if it wasn't peak season for this right now, or if I knew it would just be a matter of dealing with a few hours of redness/rash, no biggie. But I hear the reaction varies tremendously and many people have a terrible time for days or weeks after. That's ruining an entire vacation, which has me nervous.

At the moment, I am thinking of just buying Safe Sea at a dive shop, putting on a ton and keeping my fingers crossed.

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