Pulau Lankayan, Malaysian Borneo Snorkeling Trip Report

by Sue Harris
(New Zealand )

Rabbitfish at Pulau Lankayan

Rabbitfish at Pulau Lankayan

I wanted to share a story about my snorkeling trip to Pulau Lankayan in Malaysian Borneo. After time seeing wild orangutans, proboscis monkeys, hornbills and lots of other critters in Borneo, I had to have a week snorkeling in April 2018.

As a solo traveler safety is important, so I chose Pulau Lankayan with very accessible snorkeling from shore and I was also hoping to see whale sharks and many other fish. No whale sharks as the water was too warm for them to come down to but heaps of turtles, triggerfish, huge schools of batfish (which were really mesmerizing), schools of rabbitfish, lots of blennies (really easy to see them in their sand homes; hadn't realized what characters they are). I also was very lucky to see a very large grouper which I nearly bumped into. I got a photo but wasn't quite ready for it. I really enjoyed the variety of schools of fish in such accessible water.

The turtles are right there from the shore munching away on sea grass or dozing in the water and bobbing up every so often. I felt so privileged to be able to be really close to them and watch their routines. I am mad about turtles and Pulau Lankayan did not disappoint.

The coral is in very good condition although the water was very warm.

I took a snorkel trip which wasn't very good. There was no guide and not a lot of time in the water.

There is one resort on the island and the cabins are excellent and the staff are friendly. It is a very laid back, unpretentious place which I liked. The food is good but not gourmet.

The army is on the boat to and from the island and also on the island to keep visitors safe. After the initial surprise of their presence it was fine.

I'd recommend Pulau Lankayan for anyone, and if someone was just starting snorkeling this would be a great place. Very calm, warm, clear water, lots of fish life, and you don't need to work hard to see the critters. The sunsets are amazing too.

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Apr 15, 2018
Thank You!
by: Nicole & Galen

Sue, thanks so much for sharing your story and pictures of your snorkeling trip to Pulau Lankayan. Looks like a great destination!

Nov 05, 2018
by: Anonymous

Appreciate your writing this. Have booked a trip there for December. Looks lovely.

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