Okinawa Snorkeling

by Darrell
(Okinawa, Japan)

Okinawa Snorkeling colorful fish and reef

Okinawa Snorkeling colorful fish and reef

Hello all, my name is Darrell and I'm a military member stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I was always fascinated by the beautiful beaches here in Okinawa but I was afraid of getting into the ocean because of the venomous animals that inhabit the water. I decided to give snorkeling a try because I felt I was missing out on some beautiful underwater life. I purchased a set of rash guards and gloves for protection against coral and sea urchins, then I bought some snorkel gear.

My first snorkeling experience was relaxing and thrilling at the same time. I saw several species of damsel fish, sea cucumbers, and an alligator gar. The camera I use is the Canon Powershot D10 which takes some amazing shots for a digital camera. I now have a Flickr account where I update all my edited pics. Thanks for having a wealth of information on this website.

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Jun 17, 2012
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi Darrell. Thanks for sharing your first time snorkeling experience and pictures. You have some great shots and many more good shots at Flickr. Hopefully you will keep sharing more of your Okinawa snorkeling adventures.

Jun 19, 2012
Visit Okinawa
by: Darrell

Thanks Galen & Nicole. I highly recommend a snorkeling trip to the chain of Okinawan Islands. The white sand and multiple beaches will keep you busy along with the historical castles as well. I advise that anyone snorkeling here for the first time learn the ocean currents as well as the types of venomous sea animals.

Jul 04, 2013
Which spots/beaches do you go from?
by: Ken

I've been to Guam many times for work and have seen some great snorkeling locations there too. I am going to Okinawa for vacation at the end of August for a week.

Your photos are great. Which beaches do you recommend to snorkel from?

Sep 21, 2013
Preparing For Okinawa Snorkeling Trip
by: Anonymous

I am planning a trip to Okinawa (probably in April). I'm having trouble finding a website or book that has clear information on how to prepare for Okinawa. Specifically, what ocean hazards are there to avoid and what months are the best to snorkel (best = avoid jelly fish and experience clear water)? Any recommendations?

I'm a bit cautious because when I moved there as a kid the Marines debriefed us of everything that could kill us on the island so I did not explore much. Now I want to return and see what I missed.

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