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This is the spot to share your Oahu snorkeling stories, tips and pictures, and read what other people have experienced in Oahu, Hawaii. You can also ask any questions that have not already been answered below.

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With questions, provide as much information as you can so that you get a useful answer.

Also be sure to read our pages of information about snorkeling Oahu.

Oahu Stories & Questions Left By Others

Click below to read the Oahu snorkeling stories and questions that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment or answer a question. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Turtles Canyon... Where the Turtles Hang Out! - Oahu 
We took a trip out on a dive boat today to "Turtles Canyon" on Oahu . Turns out, it's the reef area almost directly out from the beach area in front of …

Snorkeling Hanauma Bay, Outside the Reef 
We decided that snorkeling Hanauma Bay on Oahu would fit the bill because we needed to go somewhere today that was close by so that we could make an …

Can Geezers Snorkel in the Winter on Oahu? 
My wife and I (68 & 66) are going to Oahu in the winter, February, and are wondering if there are any good snorkeling spots that time of year which might …

Snorkeling Sharks Cove During Winter - Oahu 
We snorkeled Sharks Cove on November 30, 2010 during usually the winter stormy season, but the sea was unusually calm, much to the chagrin of the surfers …

Snorkeling Ko Olina and Kahe Point, Close Calls With Currents - Oahu 
Though it's been six months since we're back from our last snorkeling trip to Oahu, I am only now getting up the courage to write about it, in October …

Snorkeling Hau'ula - Oahu - A Little Known Gem 
I'm just wrapping up a month long stay (July 2010) in a friend's house in the "rural" or "country" town of Hau'ula on Oahu. I'm just a block from the water …

Where to Snorkel With Kids the First Time in Oahu? 
We are going to Oahu with two kids and none of us have snorkeled before... I am a big chicken and like the idea of snorkeling close to shore. Where do …



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