Need Snorkeling Maldives Information

by Pat
(San Diego)

More Maldives snorkeling information wanted, please. I've been combing through the rest of the posts under "world's best" etc, and gleaned a bit of information here and there. Thanks much to all who've posted!

By the time we settled on the Maldives as a destination for our 30th anniversary trip, we were too late to book with Wendy to get on an early 2016 excursion. Therefore, we've booked our own and will be staying at the following resorts in March 2016: the Conrad Rangali, the Vilamendhoo, and the Vakarufalhi. Woohoo! Though the part of getting from each island to the next is not arranged, they seem to be less than 10 miles apart. Sort of.

In preparation I've found a 'full body swimsuit' for sun protection. And will take Nicole's suggestion of a swim cap, so I don't burn my scalp.

My book "Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific" by Allen, Steene, Humann, Deloach will not really cover the Indian Ocean, I probably need one specific to Indian Ocean especially if internet connection isn't good in the bungalows. Any suggestions?

I'd like to know as much as possible about currents and anything else we should know about these lovely atolls. Of course we'll ask about currents at the hotel. I am thinking that once you get near the edge it gets strong? I don't really know what to expect as it is not a proper 'lagoon' at most of these places. I know most of these places are wanting you to relax and have fun, so don't really point out the safety information. I need safety information in order to relax!

Is it best to snorkel in early morning and does it get windy in the afternoon?

I do know enough to steer clear of the large triggerfish!

Anyone have something to share on any of these places, or on Maldives in general?

We're super excited, and are trying to pack very light and still bring what we'll need: mask, snorkel, sun-suits, sunglasses, fish ID books, cameras and chargers.

Does anyone know about getting a sim card for your phone in Male?

Thanks everyone!

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Dec 26, 2015
Maldives Snorkeling Questions
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Pat, so exciting planning a big trip like this! Great questions. Hopefully some folks who have been to the Maldives will be able to offer you some insights.

It is too bad you were not able to get on one of Wendy's trips. We are going to be on the last Maldives departure and we are getting very excited ourselves! We will also be staying at the Vilamendhoo Resort for 4 nights before the liveaboard trip.

One thing we are aware of is that the different resorts offer different electrical outlets and you are likely to need an adapter to charge your camera batteries, laptop, phone, etc. It will likely be much cheaper to pick one up here than it would be in the resort gift shop.

Dec 26, 2015
by: Kaye

I stayed at the Angsana Ihuru a few years ago. Weather and currents are changeable throughout the day, as is true anywhere. I found the hotel dive staff very helpful in assessing conditions. Several times we snorkeled all around the island (deep dropoff on one end); other times we just did a smaller section where we could easily get back out. Once we had the hotel staff take us out to explore an atoll with no island, but the trip was delayed several times due to weather conditions.

A few things I found useful: I wear fingerless gloves because I found my knuckles get irritated by things in the water. My husband wore a hood that he could tuck into his jacket for the same reason My favorite clothing is a zippered swim jacket and long swim tights from Coolibar. I wear them over a regular swimsuit, but can layer before I get in and out of the water (useful on a boat).

I wish I had taken an extra underwater camera, because my Nikon flooded and failed the first time I took it out.

If at all possible, get a window seat and have a camera ready as you approach the Maldives.

Amazing world!

Dec 30, 2015
Maldives Info
by: Anonymous

I visited two resorts in the Maldives October 2014. Consider reading the very active Maldives forum in TripAdvisor. Its DE's are very geared to diving and snorkeling.

For those who are interested in booking a trip to the Maldives and don't know where to start, read TripAdvisor and contact one of the British agents that specialize in the Maldives!

Oh! Yes! I could snorkel any time of the day at both resorts. Mornings and late afternoons were the best.

Apr 01, 2016
Pat's Trip Report
by: Nicole & Galen

She is back from the trip and has wonderful things to say about her snorkeling trip in the Maldives! Read Pat's Maldives Snorkeling Story here.

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