Mystery Butterflyfish In Bora Bora

by Kelly Hannon
(Atlanta GA area)

Can anyone help us identify this mystery butterflyfish we found? We were at the Bora Bora Pearl from April 1-5, 2015.

We spent mornings and afternoons snorkeling under our over-water-bungalow and around the coral "farm" there. On 3 days, we saw what we believe is one single butterflyfish, but we are unable to identify it.

We have searched online since our return and still can't find anything on it. We saw only this one fish with this appearance, and we believe it is the SAME fish, so the fish could simply be a random cross-breed and not a separate classification.

But we would appreciate any input on identifying our mystery butterflyfish.

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Nov 04, 2015
Hmmm, mystery indeed!
by: Nicole & Galen

Hello Kelly, thank you for your question and the good photos to go with it. We looked through our Reef Fish ID Tropical Pacific (by Allen, Steele, Humann, Deloach) book and did not see anything that looked exactly like it. The closest was the Pacific Double-Saddle Butterflyfish, but it is not right, Though your idea of a cross-breed might include that species.

Hopefully someone else can come up with something.

Dec 01, 2015
Butterflyfish ID Guide
by: Nancy A.

Try looking at this link to help identify butterflyfishes.

Dec 01, 2015
Not There, That I Can See
by: Kelly

Thank for the link. I had found that and checked there. I don't see it there. Do you? If so, please advise which one it is.

Mar 01, 2016
by: Zeke & Marty

We just returned from 3 weeks in Moorea & have several photos of similar butterflyfish. It looks like a cross between the Saddled Butterflyfish & the Threadfin Butterflyfish. We thought maybe it was a juvenile Threadfin because of the stripes on the side.

Mar 01, 2016
More Appearances?
by: Kelly and Larry

Zeke and Marty,

Can you post your pictures? I'd love see them, and I can't imagine that my fish swam over to Moorea! But if those two species are interbreeding that often, it would seem there may be a new butterflyfish on the horizon.

Since I "published" first, can I have it be called "Kelly's Butterflyfish" (like "Meyer's Butterflyfish")?? Just kidding . . . . I think a scientist will get the credit. ;-)

Mar 01, 2016
Sharing More Pics
by: Nicole & Galen

If Zeke & Marty want to share pictures, please use our contact form to let us know and we can tell you how.

Feb 02, 2020
Post to
by: Julia

Please post your photo to There are lots of fish identification experts from all over the world that can help identify the fish, and point out if it's a cross between two different butterflyfishes.

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