My Snorkeling Vacation In Curacao

by Heather
(Atlanta, GA)

I just returned from my snorkeling vacation in Curacao (June 2015). First of all I'd like to thank Galen and Nicole for the excellent e-book on snorkeling in Curacao. It made a world of difference for picking out spots for a beginner like me.

I snorkeled Tug Boat, Playa Lagun and Cas Abao. I did pay for a small tour to take me out to Tug Boat, as I was by myself and didn't want to go out alone. It was a good decision on my part as the winds were strong that day and the water was choppy. Tug Boat was gorgeous and it was the best snorkel out of the trip.

Playa Lagun, was also beautiful and is very good for beginners. It costs $5.00 USD for a chair rental and they give you 2 tickets for apple juice or orange juice at the restaurant at the top. Get there early as it does get crowded and parking is limited.

I did see the sea turtle during the day! One of the locals that I spoke with said that the turtle comes in after the fisherman have cleaned their catch for the day and throw what they don't need back into the water. This attracts the turtle. There were a lot of fish to see and I also saw a bunch of squid hanging out near the middle of the cove. Both sides of the cove have interesting features.

It is a bit of a drive to get there. If you are also able to use your mobile phone down there (like I was) besides the excellent driving directions from the e-book, I also recommend using the "Waze" app to assist you in driving directions.

Cas Abao is a great beach and I snorkeled near the beach on the left side. I went on a Sunday and suggest getting there early, as it got very crowded during the course of the day. It was $7.00 USD to enter and $3.00 USD to rent a chair. I highly recommend wearing shoes for the entrance, as it's rocky from the beach to about 3-4 feet out into the water. I stayed on the left side of the beach as it was windy and the water a bit choppy, but still good enough to go in. I saw most of the fish right along the rocks.

The main thing I can recommend is to bring bug spray. I'm not sure what bit me (sand flea??) but they were able to bite through my rash guard and left red welts on me.

Overall I loved my trip and can't wait to go back!

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Jun 22, 2015
Thank you!
by: Nicole & Galen

Heather, thank you for sharing your experience snorkeling in Curacao, and your picture! We are glad you found the Curacao Snorkeling Guide eBook useful!

If anyone is interested, here is the full description of the snorkeling at Tugboat.

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