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This is the spot to share your Mexico snorkeling stories and ask questions. For specific locations, click on the links to the right. This category is for general Mexico stories or questions, like comparing two places or where is the best snorkeling in Mexico. Also, you can use this page for locations that are not in the list at right. Please read the posts at the bottom of the page to see if your question has already been answered.

What Type Of Story Are We Looking For?

  • Useful/helpful/new information - will it help a snorkeler?
  • Entertaining story - did something interesting happen?
  • On topic - try to keep your post about one subject.

With questions, provide as much information as you can so that you get a useful answer. Unfortunately we cannot post questions about where you should go on your next snorkeling trip. Instead, we suggest you read the Mexico information on this site (use the search box upper right). Then if you have specific location questions, ask those on the appropriate page. Thank you.

Mexico Stories & Questions Left By Others

Click below to read the Mexico snorkeling stories and questions that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment or answer a question. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Snorkeling Locations Along Maya Riviera, Mexico? 
I am heading to the Maya Riviera in Mexico in about a week (April 2019). I cannot find good information about the condition of the reef for snorkeling …

Good Snorkeling Spots Eastern Yucatan Peninsula Mexico? 
We are flying into the Cancun area for 10 days and are looking for specific suggestions on good snorkeling spots in the eastern Yucatan Peninsula Mexico …

Snorkeling in Mexico - Akumal or Cozumel? 
I'm considering a snorkeling trip to Mexico in Akumal or Cozumel. Which is better? What is the biggest difference in these areas? I know they are close …



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