Meikon Waterproof Case For Canon S120?

by Bryan C.

Does anyone have experience with the Meikon Waterproof Case for the Canon S120? My budget is extremely tight but I don't want to be penny-wise but pound-foolish, either. Thanks.

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Nov 22, 2015
Our Experience with Meikon Cases
by: Ray Koehler

My wife and I have used the Meikon Case with Sony RX100 cameras - not the Canon S120 but likely very close. I chose the Meikon as the economic choice.

First, we put a lot of hours on them and both snorkel and dive with them (about 250 hours snorkeling plus another 100+ diving).

We used the original pair for about a year and a half. At that point several of the buttons began to stick. I disassembled the worst, polished and greased the shafts, and cleaned the gaskets the best I could. This improved things but the sticking returned in a short time. It would likely have been better to replace the seals but they are not a standard o ring and not easily found.

I decided to simply replace the cases and bought two new ones. Of these two, one worked fine. The second had a small leak. I have not discovered the source. The seller offered to evaluate and fix but the shipping cost to the orient was almost the price of the case so I ordered a new case.

On a recent trip of six weeks, the latest new case worked well. The mate of the leaking case, experienced extreme sticking of the shutter button which was not a seal issue but rather due to the 'off center' nature of the design.

I guess I'd say if you are a casual user and have a little patience, they are ok. I have reached the point where I will go with a 'big buck' option.

Hope that helps some.

Nov 24, 2015
by: Bryan C. Nicaragua

Thank you for your very thoughtful and detailed comments. I now know just what I hoped to learn.

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