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Maui Stories & Questions Left By Others

Click below to read the Maui snorkeling stories and questions that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment or answer a question. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Snorkeling Maui From SUP or Kayak for Whales? 
Can anyone share experiences about using a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) or kayak for snorkeling on your own in search of whales during calving season off …

Snorkeling in Maui After 2018 Hurricane Season 
I am wondering about snorkeling in Maui after the 2018 hurricane season. Can anyone report on the condition of the reefs in Maui after the storms that …

Night Snorkeling On Maui? 
We are wondering about night snorkeling on Maui. My husband and I are going there in a couple of weeks, staying in the Kihei/Wailea area, and are thinking …

Maui Snorkeling Report 2015 
I just returned from a three week stay on Maui (April-May 2015) and snorkeled almost every day. There was a turtle feeding station right outside of …

Wow! Maui Was Turtle Heaven! 
I have never been to turtle heaven until our recent trip to Maui. We stayed at Makena Beach and Golf Resort the first 3 days and their beach is beautiful. …

Snorkeling Maui Fourteen Years Later 
Although I have snorkeled before and even done some limited scuba diving, this trip was my 10-year-old son's first experience with snorkeling. My last …

Potential Dangers While Snorkeling On Maui? 
We are concerned about any potential dangers while snorkeling on Maui, such as sharks, urchins, poisonous fish or invertebrates etc. Are you aware of any? …

Snorkeling Maui - Fishbowl And Aquarium 
Do you think they will ever open snorkeling access to Ahihi-Kinau Reserve on Maui? Aquarium and fishbowl were among the best. I understand the damage that …

Life Changing Snorkel With Turtle On Maui 
I took a trip to Maui by myself a couple of years ago. I had no snorkel buddy and so stuck to the "tamer" snorkel sites for the most part. I started out …

10 Days Of Maui Snorkeling 
We just got back from our Maui trip & the Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook we purchased from you was extremely helpful!! Such a detailed guide...the best parking …

Are Molokini & Lanai Snorkeling Boat Trips Worth It On Maui? 
I was wondering, are Molokini and Lanai snorkeling boat trips worth it on Maui? I have your e-book, and it seems that there are lots of sites to snorkel …

Snorkeling 5 Caves Maui - Eagle Rays, Turtles And White Tips! 
We went snorkeling at 5 Caves/5 Graves in Maui in September, 2010. Entry was easy with very little surge and the bottom is sandy if you enter near the …

Snorkeling In Winter In Maui? 
We are going to Maui at the end of January to "meet the whales" from Alaska. Well, I never hear you say much about snorkeling in winter in Maui. Do you …

Snorkeling Lanai From Maui? 
I'm getting excited about my upcoming trip to Maui, and I am wondering about snorkeling Lanai. I just joined the Pacific Whale foundation and they have …

Snorkeling Olowalu Beach - Maui 
Snorkeling Ololwalu Beach on Maui is great if you know where to swim. Olowalu is located on the road between Ma'alaea and Lahaina, right at the 14 mile …

A Different Take On Snorkeling Molokini - Maui 
I wanted to share a different take on snorkeling Molokini from Maui. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere on the site, so I thought I'd add it in case …

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