Maui Snorkeling Report 2015

by Dan Zimmerman
(Beaver, PA)

Blackside Hawkfish and Whitemouth Moray Eel

Blackside Hawkfish and Whitemouth Moray Eel

I just returned from a three week stay on Maui (April-May 2015) and snorkeled almost every day.

There was a turtle feeding station right outside of our condo with the turtles showing up at about noon when the tide started coming in. Most days there were anywhere between 6-12 turtles feeding throughout the afternoon.

Right down the road at Honokowai Beach Park there were quite a few Lagoon Triggerfish. I was able to find them every time I snorkeled there.

I found a nice Cushion Starfish at Makena Landing along with a nice Arc-Eye Hawkish. I was able to see many types of hawkish over the three weeks.

One morning while at Kapalua Bay I was trying to get a good angle to photograph a Blackside Hawkish and got photo bombed by a small Whitemouthed Moray Eel. On another day at the bay I saw a nice Bluestriped Butterflyfish.

I was at Honolua Bay several times and saw some interesting fish, including a big Blackstripe Coris that had to be over a foot long. The visibility close to shore was iffy because of fresh water from all the recent rain perking up through the bottom and making the water "fuzzy". I did find a nice size school of Raccoon Butterflyfish farther out from the shore right at the edge of a big drop off. They were just hanging there and more kept coming to join the group. It was also one of the few spots I consistently saw Oval Butterflyfish. I think they are prettier than the Ornate.

Overall it was great trip and I'll be back next year!

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Aug 02, 2015
by: Nicole & Galen

Hello Dan, thanks for sharing your story. We appreciate your focus on the particular fish you saw. That is unique.

For those interested in learning more about some of the snorkeling areas Dan mentioned, check out our Maui pages.

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