Managing All My Snorkeling Gear

by Carol

I need some advice on how to manage all my snorkeling gear upon entering the water. I put my mask and snorkel on, go about waist-deep, invariably lose one fin while I'm trying to get the other on, and will be trying to hold on to the Canon S95 without having it bashed. How do you handle and hang on to all the stuff? Same question goes for exiting the water.


PS....I LOVE the Maui guide!!

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Jan 30, 2011
Putting On Gear
by: Galen & Nicole

Carol, we are glad you are enjoying the Maui Snorkeling Guide eBook.

Here is what we do with our snorkeling gear while entering the water. Both of us put our masks on before entering. We have wrist straps for the cameras. We tend to hold the camera with one hand and fins with the other or the fins under an arm. We walk forward until there is enough depth, and then drop into the water with our backs to the waves and float. Then we let go of the camera and use both hands to put the fins on, holding the other fin under an arm.

One of the reasons why we use a camera with a separate housing instead of one of the cameras that has a built in housing is because it is so much more robust. Mostly, it will just bang into our legs a little, but usually nothing hard. So, we just let it bang around, since there is really no way not to. Our housings have been banged plenty getting on and off boats, and getting in and out of the water. Both our Canon and Fuji housings have proven to be robust.

Exiting is reverse. We like to keep our backs to the waves when putting on and removing fins, while staying afloat.

It is never all that elegant.

Have fun.

Jan 31, 2011
Weight Belt
by: Gord

Hi Carol,

One thing I find helpful is that I wear a belt when I go snorkeling. I have a couple of brass clips that hang from the belt. I attach a long lanyard to one of the brass clips and the camera to the lanyard. When putting my gear on, I just tuck the camera into the belt. It stops the camera from moving around, and when I'm snorkeling, I can let the camera dangle and can have my hands free if I want. When the opportunity for a picture happens, it takes just a second to grab the camera.

You can buy the belts, brass clips and lanyards at most dive shops. I find it really helpful, and while I'm not sure if this would appeal to you, if I'm wearing a wet suit, which I sometimes do, I can attach weights to the belt which allow me to dive.

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