Macro Snorkeling Pictures With Olympus Tough TG4

by David Gottlieb

Brain Coral

Brain Coral

I wanted to share some macro snorkeling pictures I took with my Olympus Tough TG4. I have been an amateur nature photographer for many years and have always been drawn to macro subjects. Closeups open up unique views of detail and patterns.

It's hard for me to justify a huge outlay on specialized equipment since I seldom get to snorkel more than once or twice a year. I have tried several different underwater capable point and shoot cameras and none have come close to the Olympus Tough TG4 for ultra closeups. The microscope setting will allow focusing as close as the subject permits.

The limiting factor is adequate lighting. I used an LED underwater light on a homemade holder which worked fine until the switch on the light failed.

While not the same quality one might obtain with high end SLRs and housings I'm pleased with the results.

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May 24, 2016
Great Shots!
by: Galen

Thanks for that tip on the TG4. I often recommend that camera and now I can show people its great macro capability. Those are some great pics.

I have always found the challenge with macro work while snorkeling is stabilizing my motion in the water. Do you use a weight belt?

May 24, 2016
Weight Belt
by: David Gottlieb

Thanks for the tip on the weight belt. I do seem to float like a cork.

May 25, 2016
Olympus TG4
by: Steve N

I have and it is an awesome camera as well. But have not gotten a chance to use the macro capability. Thanks for sharing the macro pics. Now I have a better idea of the capability of the macro mode. Enjoy your camera, I know I do.

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