Macro Snorkeling Photos, St John

by David Gottlieb
(Atlanta, GA)

I recently returned from St John where I was able to snorkel several hours a day over a 5 day period. Once again I was impressed with the macro photos I got with my Olympus TG-4. It was reliable and leak-proof with amazing battery life. I was mostly using the dedicated Microscope setting with no other accessories.

The weather was variably cloudy but at the shallow depths I was shooting the clouds weren't a problem. With heavier overcast or when shooting under ledges I tried out a new LED light. The results varied mostly due to my floppy homemade light holder.

I included some sample pictures above.

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Dec 15, 2016
Thank You For Sharing
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi David, thank you for sharing your macro photos of St John with us. They are great. That little Olympus TG-4 camera is remarkable.

Can you tell us what is in the second photo? Is it some kind of egg patch?

Dec 15, 2016
Closeup of Fish Eggs
by: David Gottlieb

Yes, that second picture is of Sergeant Major eggs.

Dec 15, 2016
by: Gary

Great pics David. Thanks for posting.

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