Looking for Snorkel Boat to Blue Hole on Bermuda’s Outer Reef

By Marcy Simon

Does anyone know of any snorkel boat to Blue Hole on Bermuda’s Outer Reef? We went with Hattrick Charters twice pre-COVID and it was amazing. It appears that they have closed their company unfortunately and now we are looking for other ways to get out to snorkel that spot.



  1. Hi Marcy, we hope you get a good suggestion from the community!

    Mark recently shared this story with a charter company he recommends, but it looks quite expensive. We often suggest people look through reviews on TripAdvisor for ideas in cases like this. You can help us if you use this link. We may make a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

  2. Bermuda is a small community where everyone knows each other, like it or not :). I recommend emailing each charter company – if they are closed (and checking their email) or if they don’t do runs to the Blue Hole, there’s a good chance they will know someone who is – or know someone who probably knows someone. That’s how I’ve ended up booking Blue Hole tours in the past. The last time we went out with Captain Mark of Under the Sea Charters. I don’t think he’s still doing this tour, but he may know someone who is.

    Another option is North Rock. I’ve never been, as the weather has never aligned for me, but I just noticed that BAMZ has a North Rock trip listed on their site.

    Let us know who you find!

  3. Hi there, Did anyone find a snorkel boat to Blue Hole similar to Hattrick? Going back next month. I really enjoyed my trip with them in 2015. The private charters exceed my budget for my group of two. It seems all of the affordable options cater to cruise ship people and don’t go to the outer reefs. I’m also getting the impression they go in bad weather too which would stink.


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