Kayak to Klein Bonaire to Snorkel?

First, if we were to kayak to Klein Bonaire to snorkel, where do we rent the kayaks? Is it safe to kayak to all of the sites on Klein Bonaire?

Second, my wife and I are planning to take the water taxi to Klein Bonaire and do the drift snorkel. For some of the other sites on Klein Bonaire can you walk to them from the water taxi landing?

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Nov 18, 2011
Snorkeling Klein Bonaire by Kayak
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi. Good questions. First, the kayak question. The closest crossing to Klein Bonaire is a bit over a half mile, longer from other spots. A quick estimate shows that to circumnavigate the island is about seven miles. Keep in mind that you will most often be paddling with the wind and waves to the island, and against them coming back. So if you are a strong paddler, paddling out and visiting some of the spots is possible. But doing a circumnavigation, adding in currents and fighting the wind coming back, you would have to be a very experienced and in-shape kayaker.

Also know that you are limited to where you can land a boat on Klein Bonaire. See this map for where the following spots are. They have established a no landing zone from B - Ebo's Reef to E - Nearest Point. You can still land your kayak at A - No Name Beach (where the water taxi drops people off). Otherwise for these spots, you can tie up to the mooring buoys with your kayak, so long as you are skilled at getting in and out of the water from the kayak. Here are the boating rules for BNMP.

Some things to consider. The currents tend to flow from south to north between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Also, if you do it, just make sure your kayaks are well tied on to the buoy, because the prevalent wind will blow them quickly offshore.

Check out this link for where to rent kayaks. Choose a location that is going to put you in the water as close to Klein as possible. Or better yet, go with a guided kayak tour.

Second, as we describe here, after arriving on the water taxi, with reef shoes you can walk down and do the drift snorkel. As far as hiking across the island to the other spots we have not done it, but believe you could. Although, many of the locations have small, bluff-like shorelines that would be impossible to dangerous to enter at or exit after snorkeling. No Name is really the only sandy beach entrance. All and all, I think you would be much better doing it by boat.

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