Kauai Snorkel Trip October 2015

by Doug McLarty

We are just returning from a week of sun-fun and snorkeling Kauai. With the help of TropicalSnorkeling.com we situated ourselves on the south shore for the best sites at this time of year, October 2015. The southern locales were the right choice as the northern shores and beaches were off limits due to high seas and undertow.

We started in Poipu Beach Park and ended up with Lawai Beach during the week. Both beaches proved to be great and lots of fun. Both beaches had different species of fish and large schools of some that the other did not. We found each day was different, so one visit was not the same as the previous day as well.

Depending on conditions we spent time at both beaches; most mornings at Lawai, before the afternoon winds, and afternoons at Poipu.

The wife is more of a memory snorkeler and I am the photographer. I use an Olympus TG4 and an Olympus EM5 in a Meikon case. Both worked well and we captured lots of still images and movies to now edit through. The RAW format is a great bonus for the image as we can work them much better for color adjustment and balance. We have added a few of our images here.

We love the islands for a vacation spot and have snorkeled Maui, The Big Island and now Kauai... Our moto: "So much more to see under the Sea."

Thanks TropicalSnorkeling for all the great tips and information for us snorkel folks.

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