Is There Good Snorkeling in New Caledonia?

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Is there good snorkeling in New Caledonia? I'm intrigued by this destination and am wondering if anyone has been there.

I'm a fairly experienced snorkeler. I travel solo so I want to avoid significant currents and am looking for fairly safe waters. Does this exist in New Caledonia?

Thank you.

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Jan 08, 2020
New Caledonia short comments.
by: Ray R (NZ)

Hi, I hope you got some more comprehensive answers as I have had a few short visits there and would also like to do a longer trip. Comments below:

- Are you thinking of the main island only? or open to island hopping? If the main island only I think it is somewhat limited but I did go to two 'touristy' spots that were quite good.

- Isle of Pines and Lifou have some good snorkeling spots, visited by cruise ships and very safe.

- I tried to spend four days in Mare but got caught in a significant tropical storm, the little I did showed promise!

- From what I saw you have to have an itinerary of spots to visit as a lot of the coast is rocky.

- Loved the French feel and great food - but quite expensive.

Hope you get some more comprehensive recommendations.

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