Is The Snorkeling Good From Nadi And Taveuni, Fiji?

by Julia
(Northern California)

I have a trip planned to Fiji in 2017 with stays on the islands of Nadi and Taveuni. Does anyone have experience with snorkeling these islands? I don't want to be disappointed since this is my only snorkeling trip in 2017 and I am going with another couple who are divers and they chose the locations.

Also, does anyone have a recommendation for fish and creature identification books for the area? I have a need to identify what I see and photograph.

Thank you for any information and suggestions.

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Oct 02, 2016
Taveuni Fiji Snorkeling
by: Shawn

I did a Taveuni, Fiji trip in October 2015. We stayed at Garden Isle Resort. It is well worth it and beautiful, however you will find some spots heavily damaged by Crown of Thorns Sea Stars, as they are having issues there with them.

I would recommend trying to get on a boat with all snorkelers if you can. I was the only snorkeler on a dive boat and they took me to shallower areas (which were amazing) after dropping divers off, but that limits your time in the water.

I too have a need to identify the fish so I bought a book off Amazon, but didn't end up taking it and we used the one at the resort dive shop.

Enjoy your trip!

Oct 16, 2016
Taveuni, Fiji Snorkeling
by: Rick Hamill

I visited Taveuni for 5 days in October, 2015. We did two, half-day boat trips to the Rainbow Reef. The owners of the resort where we stayed (Aroha Resort) scheduled our snorkeling trips, and I can't remember the name of the outfit. But, it was about a 15 minute drive from the resort. The boat accommodates both divers and snorkelers. Snorkelers are dropped off, with a local guide, in shallow water (8--20 feet), up current and you drift along the reef down current for 20 - 30 minutes. Both fish and coral are plentiful.

Shortly after we left the island, Fiji was hit by a strong cyclone. My understanding is that Taveuni suffered a lot of damage. Before you go, I recommend you research any negative impact the cyclone had on the coral. The dive/snorkel operator told us that the coral, at the time, was still regenerating from a previous cyclone several years prior. The resort owners at Aroha Resort are a couple from New Zealand, very nice and helpful. Perhaps they could be a good resource. Enjoy!

Oct 29, 2017
Not Nadi
by: Joe

Nadi is only good to fly into. If you want to snorkel the Yasawas or mamanucas are where you want to end up.

Mar 24, 2018
Julia, How was your Taveuni, Fiji Experience?
by: Robin

We are planning a trip to Taveuni in September 2018 and I'm anxious to hear about your trip, Julia. Is the snorkeling good from shore or do I need to go on a boat?

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