iPhone 6s Underwater Cases vs Olympus Tough TG-4

by Karen and Dennis G
(So Cal, CA)

Comparisons of Pictures - Readable version below

Comparisons of Pictures - Readable version below

After a trip to Riviera Maya and seeing our images pre and post processing via Vivid-Pix (Scuba edition) we decided to look at an underwater camera and how it differed from the waterproof cases for our iPhone 6s we owned.

What we tested:
iPhone 6s in a Watershot Splash Case
iPhone 6s in a LifeProof Fre Case
Olympus Tough TG-4 in underwater mode (borrowed from a friend)

The Test:
Our backyard pool with a colorful acrylic plate on bottom in 8' deep end in the shadows at 2 pm on Monday May 1, 2016.

We also tested other items but the plate seemed to be the best for viewing results. Dennis swam down to get close ups of the plate and Karen did the zoom version.

The results: The Olympus won

iPhone 6s in waterproof cases vs Olympus Tough TG-4

The unprocessed version of the image was more vibrant as a whole than the iPhone in the Lifeproof or Watershot case.

The backgrounds on the iPhone 6s in the Lifeproof and Watershot cases were better and lighter but the subject was not vivid.

We used the Vivid-Pix Scuba edition to see how processing might help and also showed you a picture of the plate above water in standard mode.

Lastly, I prefer to zoom than to swim down (working on that still) so we tested the zoom feature on the Olympus. While it was not as clear nor as vivid it was still a good rendition of what it was supposed to capture with 6' of water between the camera and the plate.

With processing it was improved but still lacking vs the close up shot.

Other items of note:

The Olympus was easier to use in that you knew it took the picture when you wanted it to the other two cases you weren't really sure when the picture was taken or if it was taken.

The Olympus works best with pushing the shutter release down halfway to focus and then all the way once focused. That can be difficult with a moving subject. As a matter of note, when Karen did the zoom shot - it was a direct push and no half focus step.

Hope this small test helps you in some way!

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May 06, 2016
Interesting Test
by: Galen

Interesting test. Was the lack of "vividness" mostly a lack of good color? It looks like what the Vivid-Pix software changed was mostly white balance. There may be a way to change the white balance on the iPhone to get better colors initially.

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