Introducing Kids to Snorkeling in Antigua?

by Margaret White
(Montclair, NJ)

I need advice on introducing kids to snorkeling and good spots in Antigua.

In honor of my granddaughter's 10th birthday, we are taking her, her 7 year old brother, and her parents on a trip to introduce them to snorkeling. We are former scuba divers who are now limited to snorkeling, and came to love it.

For roundabout reasons we had to travel to Antigua, which is not a great place for snorkeling, but they are kids, and I think they will appreciate whatever fish or coral we can find.

I would love input on:

1. Helping kids learn and love snorkeling and appreciate our precious coral reefs.
2. Any local knowledge about Antigua snorkel spots. We are willing to hire a boat to get them to see a living reef.
3. Anybody else's experience with this kind of outing.

Thank you.

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Dec 09, 2018
Kids Snorkeling & Antigua Spots
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Margaret, interesting combination question. First I want to direct you to our snorkeling tips pages, and specifically to the first time snorkeling page. They are full of information for beginning snorkelers that certainly apply to children.

The number one thing that will make them comfortable snorkeling is good-fitting gear. Each of them needs a mask that won't leak, a snorkel they are comfortable with in their mouth, and some fins that are comfortable so they can swim easily without a bunch of splashing around.

As for the Antigua snorkel spots, we ourselves have not been, but there is a visitor page on the website about snorkeling spots folks have found there.

Hopefully some folks with children can give you some personal tips for teaching kids to snorkel.

Jan 06, 2019
Snorkeling Antigua
by: Anonymous

We have snorkeled many places in the Caribbean & sadly, Antigua is not one we would return to. Our expectations are pretty high, so perhaps we are too tough on our judgments.

However, with regard to the question asked about snorkeling with kids there, we do have a recommendation. We signed up for a snorkel trip (with lunch included) to the small, uninhabited Prickly Pear Island. We recommend you check-out the island online & any snorkel trips there. The beach access and shallow water would be great for kids or beginners and there are enough friendly little fish to thrill the kids. Definitely, do your internet research!!

Aside from lack of good snorkeling, another thing we did not enjoy about Antigua were all of the starving, nursing dogs that roamed the streets. As I opened with, we have been to many Caribbean destinations and Antigua stood out as one that we were particularly bothered by their treatment of their animals. Yes, there are variations in culture & customs, but still, just a heads up.

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