Improve Camera Screen Visibility When Snorkeling?

by Robert

Is there a way to improve camera screen visibility when snorkeling? Is it just me or is a LCD screen useless underwater in bright sunlight and you can not see what you are photographing? I find that my images are hit and miss, how do I fix this?


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May 26, 2013
Yes You Can
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi Robert. Yes, for the most part, with most cameras, you can't see much on your camera screen when in bright light. In bright conditions I can normally see just enough to compose the image, based on vague shapes.

But there are least three things you can do to improve this.

Some cameras have a feature where you can turn up your screen brightness. Sometimes doing this will improve things enough so that you can at least compose. But when doing this turn off your camera between shots because the screen will produce a lot of heat causing fogging.

It seems simple, but you can also shade the screen with one of your hands. It helps.

Finally, you can purchase or make your own screen shade. One of our site friends recently told us about a homemade screen shade that he swears by. You can see that here. Keep in mind when making one of these that if the top of it is too long, it will limit your visibility when the camera is held below you at some angles.

May 28, 2013
Early morning action with a clear screen
by: Errol

Hi Galen. I would add a fourth tip. I know that you and Nicole snorkel all day but for those who don't, they can try photography when the sun is NOT at its height. It seems counter-intuitive but as you know, in the tropics there is tons of light at say 8am or 9am, but it's coming from a bit of an angle. So, it's easy to avoid it on the screen. So, turn up the brightness as you say, make a hood and have a pre-breakfast snorkel. The screen is so clear you can see the whites of their (the fishes) eyes! Oh - the plus is that the action is at its peak. Night feeders are still out as not all the plankton has sunk back to the bottom and the day feeders are hungry - brilliant - lots of action.

May 28, 2013
Camera with shade
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I was afraid you would say make your own shade. Is there an affordable camera on the market that I wouldn't have to make my own shade for?

May 29, 2013
Sea and Sea Hood
by: Errol

Hi. It looks as though you guys have all sorts of stuff available that we can't get in the UK. This looks excellent. It's a bit expensive though due to having a lens incorporated. Hope this helps. Cheers.

May 30, 2013
by: Robert

Thank you I will check it out.

May 29, 2014
LCD Visibility
by: Anonymous

The Canon D10 has a very bright LCD that you can see underwater. However, they no longer make them and the next version (D20) has a decent LCD but not as good as the D10.

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