Has Anyone Snorkeled the Azores Islands?

by Judy Asarkof
(Massachusetts, USA)

Just curious, has anyone snorkeled the Azores Islands? It isn't tropical but I want to know if anyone has any experience there!


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Nov 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hello, in 2016 my sister and I booked a snorkeling trip in Madeira. Madiera is another Portuguese island chain just southeast of the Azores.

We were there in late May. The water was freezing, even with a wetsuit. My exposed body parts were absolutely frigid. The fish were unrecognizable because we were in 20-30 ft water.

In my opinion you should save your time for hiking, exploring and enjoying the beauty of the land.

Nov 07, 2017
Azores Snorkeling
by: Joni

I snorkeled in the Azores Oct. 2016. Visibility was poor, water was cold, fish were not very colorful. Water was rough and I got seasick. The land was much more enjoyable.

Nov 09, 2017
by: Anonymous

The Azores are in the middle of the Atlantic so the seas can be cold and rough. There are sheltered pools for snorkeling on many islands though. Check out the TripAdvisor forum for more information.

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