Has Anyone Snorkeled In The Philippines?

by Billye Timbes
(Portland OR USA)

Has anyone snorkeled in the Philippines? What are the best places for snorkeling from the beach? What are the best boat snorkel trips? Thanks for any info you can share.

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Oct 02, 2016
Snorkeling in Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
by: Reg Rodriguez

The province of Palawan is a short flight from Manila. Most visitors there fly into Puerto Princessa, but I recommend flying into Coron on the island of Busuanga (50 min flight!) because it is more pristine and most importantly, there are many snorkeling and diving spots there! The area is also a hotspot for WWII shipwrecks if that is your thing.

Stay in one of the resorts in Coron or elsewhere along the shore of the island, and take excursions out to the myriad little islands, shipwrecks, and reefs in the area.

I stayed at the Alam Indah Beach Resort, a tiny place with only two guesthouses that is about an hour drive from Coron (and far away from most tourists).

Every day I rented a small boat, which included the captain and lunch. All day long, we visited tiny islands and sites where I could snorkel. In some places, I was the only tourist for hours (or period). Many of the islands are small and surrounded by reefs, so you can just circle the entire island. In this area I saw the biggest clams I have ever seen (many bigger than me)!

I highly recommend a visit to Busuanga if you have the time.

I also hear that you can take snorkeling live-on boat trips from Coron to Puerto Princessa and vice-versa, but I have yet to try this.

Oct 02, 2016
We went in 2012
by: rosebd8

We went in 2012 and stayed at Apulit Island and Miniloc Island Resorts, both within El Nido Marine Reserve in Northern Palawan area. They both have great house reefs and nearby snorkeling. The boat snorkeling was excellent at both places too.

Club Paradise Dimakya Island, Palawan is on a private island and the snorkeling circumnavigates it. The night snorkeling just off the resort front was fantastic and all around the island was quite excellent too. We went out on boats looking for dugongs two days but saw none. The boat snorkeling was fair.

All three of above resorts have boats that go out. The shore snorkeling at Club Paradise was much better than the boat snorkeling. Donsol was a waste of time for us. There were too many people and too few whale sharks. There is muck snorkeling by boat and it was okay but not particularly good.

Oct 03, 2016
Dauin / Dumaguete Area Of Negros Oriental
by: Snorkeling Homebodies

The Philippines has some of the healthiest reefs we have seen. Hard and soft corals, anemones guarded by anemone fish, turtles, razorfish, sea snakes, giant clams, mandarinfish, and a lot I'm sure we missed.

As mentioned, Coron is a great destination, low rise, friendly, and local. Filipinos vacation there. Coron Town was inexpensive, with good hotel options, and no problem getting 6 person boat tours for the day, making several stops.

Our other favorite spot was the Dauin area of Negros Oriental, near Dumaguete. This is where I got to see a mandarinfish, though admittedly, on a shallow one tank dive, at dusk.

Apo Island is a short day trip from this area. We splurged on our hotel but there are inexpensive options, and it is 20 min by Jeepney to Dumaguete.

We plan to return to explore more of the Philippines. Enjoy!

Oct 04, 2016
Some Of The Most Beautiful Snorkeling Ever!
by: Clare A.

Yes, I've snorkeled in the Philippines and after living on the Big Island for 6 years, Ao Nang/Krabi Thailand for 2 years, and visiting multiple other sites like Palau and Roatan, I still consider my snorkel experience in the Philippines to be one of the most beautiful ever.

There is a resort off the coast of Cebu island called Plantation Bay Resort. Pay about $20 to spend the day at the resort and they'll take you out to the reef on their boat. I'm talking about the absolutely most colorful reef and creatures I've ever seen. Giant Clams about 8-10 feet down that you can stick your hand in and they'll "capture" your hand (it's like being squeezed between two watery pillows, a delightful experience).

Other top spots in the Philippines:
Nalusuan Island - Cebu
Siete Pecadoes - Coron, Palawan
Balicasag Island - off Bohol

I also hear Siquijor - Off Dumaguete is a vast and beautiful marine sanctuary, but I haven't been there.


Jan 14, 2017
Colorful Ocean Life in Coron
by: Anonymous

I have been snorkeling in the Florida Keys, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Thailand, and the Philippines. Coron in the Philippines has been the best.

Mar 04, 2017
Snorkeling in the Philippines
by: Anonymous

El Nido, Palawan, though a long ride to get to, has the best snorkeling I've seen in the Philippines. I've been to many Philippine islands and admit I might have missed places.

But for ease and beauty, spending the day in a small boat going to many small islands has been the best for me.

I've seen the turtles in Apo Island, Negros, Oriental, Batanes, Cebu, Leyte, and I love Palawan. Coron is an easy flight from Manila, I recommend this also.

Apr 04, 2017
Some Bicol Region Snorkeling
by: Steve Hugel

Have been to Bicol 15 times now and the best snorkeling (so far) has been in Caramoan the one time I was there. You'll have to take a boat to the port and get jeepney, tricycle or motorcycle transportation from there. Less trash there than other places I've snorkeled and plenty of marine life.

Another good spot is Daruanak Island south of Pasacao which is west of Naga. I believe it's a volcano core, and takes a 10 minute bangka boat trip from the beach resorts south of Pasacao. We always stay at Maria Maruja Resort there. Nice place to stay/snorkel. Still researching there so don't know all the spots.

Hope this helps.

Jun 27, 2017
Snorkeling the Philippines
by: Jeff B.....California

I've been living here 3 years and done much snorkeling throughout most of the western visayas, Palawan, El Nido. You can just take the tour; A or C are the best. They will take you to 5 plus sites every day plus a lunch for under $30.

Coron is the same. You can stay at a budget hotel and schedule a couple of their tours for snorkeling. There's some hiking involved to some beautiful lagoons but the fish are amazing.

My last recommendation would be Alona Beach. Book a place at Harold's Mansion and they will take you where there are shallow reefs and turtles. They're protected reefs.

Check these places out online first but these are three of my favorite spots here in the islands. Enjoy!

Nov 23, 2017
Southern Leyte
by: Anonymous

I stayed in Philippines from 2013 to 2017. We went snorkeling at Balicasag, Apo Island, Tubod Marine Sanctuary in Siquijor, Lusong Island near Coron, Club Paradise in Busuanga, Port Barton in Palawan, Manila Channel in Puerto Galera... Those were really fantastic, however, snorkeling at Limasawa Island and off shore of Padre Burgos in southern Leyte was most impressive since there are less fishing boats and divers & tourists. Just pristine corals were there! Great!

Nov 23, 2017
Is There Good Shore Snorkeling from Any of the Resorts/Rentals?
by: ColoradoSnorkelerAddict

We will be traveling with 2 kids who both snorkel but are under 10. It's nice (and easy) to stay at a resort that has snorkeling from the beach. We are fond of Roatan for that but it is too full of tourists and panhandlers now.

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