Has Anybody Snorkeled At Yal Ku Lagoon, Mexico?

I am looking for anybody that has snorkeled at Yal-Ku Lagoon in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. I would like to get some feedback on what the snorkeling is like there. Thank you.

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Aug 05, 2015
Yal-Kul lagoon
by: Steve Nadelberg

You will love Yal-Kul. It is not as large as Xcel-Ha, but more secluded. And not as hectic. Was there last year and I noticed that it was still in pretty good shape considering I had visited this place in the late 70s. If you enjoy seclusion, hopefully, you will enjoy it.

Nov 03, 2015
Go early
by: Anonymous

I suggest going when they first open in the morning, otherwise you will be overrun by the day tours, which makes the experience pretty miserable.

Nov 03, 2015
Back again
by: Steve Nadelberg

I was there September 22nd of this year and I loved it. It was not the weekend, which made it less crowded. Yal Ku is not as commercialized as other lagoons. It is nice and secluded with a small cantina on the premises.

You never know what you will see, but maybe several species of parrotfish and maybe some damselfish as well. That's what I observed last time.

Suggestion: have some biodegradable sun tan lotion with you. They are very strict about that.

Also no currents to deal with on my last visit.

So enjoy.

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