Good Snorkeling At Coco View Resort, Roatan?

Has anyone snorkeled from shore at the Coco View Resort in Roatan? How is it? Is snorkeling the reef worth staying there?


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Jul 05, 2017
Do not recommend
by: Cathy

Spent a week there in 1997. The snorkeling off beach was no big deal; you just snorkeled around the pier if you wanted to see anything. They offered night snorkeling from the beach at that time, again mainly around pier but I was too sick to go. Snorkeling from dive boats was OK. The most interesting thing was the town with houses over the water.

Staying at the resort was awful. Sand fleas will eat you alive. Water is not safe to drink even though they will tell you it is. I got Shigella and ended up having diarrhea and vomiting for 3 days. They did not change the sheets for a week. When they found out I was working on a Master's degree in public health they wrote me a letter asking how they could sanitize their cisterns.

Now a days it is hard to find good snorkeling. We just returned from Raja Ampat and sad to say saw lots of bleached coral, and very few sharks or turtles. The few black fin sharks were very small. No big fish. My sister just returned from the Great Barrier Reef and the situation with the bleached coral is even sadder there. Glad we started snorkeling in the 1960s.

Jul 10, 2017
Snorkeling Coco View
by: Maureen

I would not recommend Coco View Resort for snorkeling. Anthony Key Resort on the south end is great. I recommend it.

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