Getting In Shape For Snorkeling

by Mark Hotchkiss

I need some advice about getting in shape for snorkeling. The last time I went snorkeling I ended up with leg cramps fairly early in the day. I want to know what types of exercise I should be doing ahead of time to minimize the likelihood of leg cramps from my infrequent snorkeling trips.

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 19, 2015
Leg Cramps
by: Robert I

You are worried about leg cramps while snorkeling. Cramps can often be caused by internal imbalance. Drink plenty of water, and get enough potassium. Eat a banana with breakfast.

If cramps persist, check that you are not using fins too large for your musculature. Some folks wear large "free diver" fins. This may put too much strain on your legs. Try smaller fins.

May 08, 2015
Arc Trainer
by: SRhoadsy

The flutter kick used while snorkeling strains a very specific set of muscles. The best exercise to focus on these is the activity itself. Obviously easier to achieve if you have regular access to a pool or the ocean in warmer climates. One thing I've found that helps me train these muscles at the gym, is a Cybex Arc Trainer. If you hold the side rails and lean back slightly it closely mimics a flutter kick.

May 08, 2015
by: Mark H

I appreciate both comments. I will definitely take bananas and hope to do some specific exercises before we go. We'll be down there Aug. 7 and 8, filling our quota!

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