French Polynesia Snorkeling Trip

Join This 10 Day Resort & Liveaboard Trip Seeing Big Pelagics & Gorgeous Atoll Reefs

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This French Polynesia snorkeling trip offers a very small group of six snorkelers a unique opportunity for swimming with big schools of pelagics (sharks, rays, dolphins) that are rarely seen by snorkelers. From a private catamaran yacht you will have eight days exploring in some of the very remote atolls of the Tuamotu Island chain, deep in the South Pacific, starting in Fakarava. You will also get to explore Tahiti from a beautiful resort for two nights, with a day tour of that beautiful South Pacific island.

Sharks and tropical fish over a shallow sandy bottom in French Polynesia.
Two Spotted Eagle Rays over a sandy bottom in French Polynesia.

This is truly an underwater safari. You will be seeing huge schools of different types of sharks, including hammerhead, black and silver tip, silky and tiger sharks. The sharks, along with manta rays, and bottlenose dolphins, are drawn here for feeding because of strong ocean currents that flow through channels in the reefs that are filled with massive schools of smaller fish like snappers and fusiliers. Also commonly seen are other large species, like Napoleon Wrasse, Marbled Groupers, and jackfish.

Many Black Tip Reef Sharks with a school of Rainbow Runners in French Polynesia.
Snorkeler over a shallow hard coral reef in French Polynesia.

In addition to drift snorkeling channels, you will also be snorkeling shallow reefs filled with pristine hard corals and smaller tropical fish schools.

The Tuamotu Islands are ringed in fringing hard coral reefs, in perfect depths for snorkeling.

This trip is being run by our partner and friend Ben and his team. Based in the U.K., they are experts at running amazing excursions, and have a great appreciation for the underwater world. Your trip includes a tour guide from Ben's team.

School of Convict Tang fish over a shallow reef in French Polynesia.
Aqua Tiki II at anchor in turquoise water with a beautiful tropical island in the background.

Where Are the Tuamotu Atolls?

The Tuamotu Islands are a chain of pristine white sandy beach atolls located 220 miles northeast of Tahiti and Moorea, nearly 2500 miles south of Hawaii, in the South Pacific Ocean.

French Polynesia Snorkeling Trip Map
Fakarava Atoll Beach

International flights will arrive in Fa’a’ā International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti. From the USA, there are flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. Other countries with flights to Tahiti are France, Japan, and New Zealand.

Your group will stay two nights at the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort, from which you will take a locally-guided day-long land tour of Tahiti.

Next your group will take a short flight together to Fakarava Atoll, where you will board your private catamaran yacht, your home base for the seven night snorkeling cruise. At the end of the snorkel charter you will fly as a group back to Tahiti, before returning home again on your international flight.

Start With an Exploration of Tahiti From the Luxurious Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

After arriving in Tahiti your group will relax for two nights at the beautiful Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort, which is located on Lafayette Beach in Matavai Bay. This stunning resort has a huge pool, beach access, luxurious ocean view rooms, and excellent service. After settling in the first night, the next day you will take a full day land tour of Tahiti to explore the culture, history, and beautiful views of the seascapes, waterfalls, and forests of Tahiti.

Pearl Beach Resort Tahiti, pool and ocean view.
Pearl Beach Resort ocean view room.

What Will This Snorkeling Trip Aboard the Aqua Tiki II Liveaboard Be Like?

Aqua Tiki II catamaran anchored off a French Polynesian island.

After relaxing for a couple of nights on Tahiti your group will fly together to Fakarava Atoll, where you will board the Aqua Tiki II yacht. This is not your typical huge liveaboard with twenty guests. This will be a more intimate way to experience these islands with just six snorkelers. One of Ben's snorkel guides will also be on board, and there are three crew members. It's the perfect platform for snorkelers to experience the great variety of habitats and sea life that this area has to offer.

Three to four times a day you will go out on different snorkel outings, and night snorkeling will also be offered.

There will be ample opportunities for snorkeling in protected bays, and over stunning shallow reefs filled with pristine hard corals and tropical fish schools. Snorkelers without much experience will find these outings well within their capability and a joy.

Hard coral reef with a school of Goatfish in French Polynesia.

There will also be many opportunities to partake in drift snorkels through passes or channels between the atolls, for encounters with the larger pelagics and schools of big fish. These drift snorkels will only be offered when the currents are not extreme, but they do require confident snorkelers with some experience and physical ability. You will always have two guides in the water with you, and a small zodiac boat will always be on hand for safety.

Reef shark over shallow hard coral reef, French Polynesia.
Aqua Tiki II catamaran interior air conditioned community area.

The Aqua Tiki II is a 60 foot (18 meters) sailing yacht, that is 28 feet wide (8.5 meters), so it is very stable, with lots of room on board.

Each cabin on board is air-conditioned with private restrooms and hot showers. The rooms and beds are comfortable, but being on a sailing catamaran they are relatively compact.

The sailboat has a large air conditioned lounge and saloon area, and there is wifi available. The onboard chief will be creating a feast of meals, and there will be an assortment of soft drinks and alcohol available (for an extra fee).

There are large outdoor areas for lounging on the boat, including huge trampolines between the hulls at the front of the boat.

Aqua Tiki II layout.
Aqua Tiki II catamaran dining area.

Date and Details Coming Soon

Ben's team is working on setting up a date for this trip. In the meantime you can contact him below to express your interest.

Trip Organizers
Ben and his U.K. based team are the organizers and leaders of this trip (more about them below). Galen & Nicole from are promoting this trip, but all signups, trip organization and payments are made to and managed by Ben's team. does receive a referral fee in exchange for promoting the trip, at no extra cost to attendees.

How to Sign Up or Learn More?
Use the contact form below to contact Ben and his team to request more information about them and express your interest in signing up. They will get back to you shortly with full details.

More About Ben and Our Partnership

Ben and Nicole heading out on the snorkel boat in Alor, Indonesia.

Ben (pictured with Nicole) is our friend and snorkeling trips partner. He and his team are based in the U.K. and have over 20 years of experience guiding in Asia and beyond. He has been running his own business since 2010 and is primarily offering guided snorkeling trips, but he started with diving. He began offering snorkeling specific trips because he was aware that snorkelers often get the short end of the stick when thrown in with divers. He and his team love the freedom and low stress of snorkeling, and are very aware of the different needs of snorkelers versus divers, in terms of the reef depth, and calm surface conditions needed.

From our experience going on one of his snorkeling trips we found it very well organized, the guides were fantastic and very helpful, and the underwater experiences were exceptional. Snorkeling groups really get the benefit of all of Ben and his guides' years of experience in the water, and with different resorts and liveaboards.

All of his trips are small groups of 12-18 guests, or with a similar ratio of snorkelers to guides. And for where they visit, and how packed they are with experiences, they are affordable.

His company is licensed and insured. Barring extreme circumstances they do not cancel trips, and all funds are held in a trust until the trip is completed giving you 100% financial security if they or any of their suppliers go out of business before the trip happens.

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Completed Trip Dates

May 2-11
May 11-20

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