There's Free Snorkeling,
Have You Heard?

We love free snorkeling. First of all it's FREE! There is no cost involved except our gear and a couple thousand dollars to get to the tropical island.

Say that you want to snorkel six days of your seven day trip. If you had to pay for a boat trip everyday, you'd be paying $50 to $150 per person each day, adding up quickly. If you instead have access to numerous free snorkel spots, you could go on the best boat trip of the bunch on one day and go on your own the rest and save hundreds of dollars.

This is not to say we don't like a good snorkeling boat trip, because we enjoy them very much. These excursions can be fun with a party atmosphere and sometimes easier access to the water. And if you are not renting a car, these boat trips may be the only way to snorkel. But in some places boat trips visit snorkeling spots that have easy free entrances from the beach, making the cost of the boat trip a bit of a waste.

Free Snorkeling Or Paid Boat Tour?

Another reason we like shore snorkeling is that we can go when we want to, not on someone else's schedule, which can make a trip more spontaneous. And we get to hang out on beautiful beaches and get to know the place we are exploring more intimately.

If you like to snorkel many times and places on your trips like we do, choosing a destination with a lot of beach snorkeling makes sense. But it can be hard to find free snorkel spots when searching the internet because most of the pages that come up are boat companies. Also, boat companies often won't promise to visit specific snorkeling destinations because of changing conditions and other factors, so planning a paid snorkeling trip can be more challenging if you know you want to snorkel a specific spot.

Our snorkeling eBook guides are written for places with numerous shore or beach snorkeling spots, saving you a bundle for your Piña Colada fund. Our favorite free snorkeling destinations so far are:

Snorkeling for free is one of the great pleasures of what we do. We hope you can enjoy some of your own.



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