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Florida Snorkeling Stories & Questions
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Snorkeling Duck Key, Florida Keys? 
We’re headed to Duck Key in the Florida Keys in March 2020. Has anyone been snorkeling that area? Advice or opinions? Thank you.

Snorkeling Higgs Beach - Key West, Florida 
I wanted to share my experience with snorkeling Higgs Beach in Key West, Florida. We had a snorkeling trip booked two days in a row to go out to Looe Key …

Snorkeling the Middle Florida Keys Post Hurricane Michael? 
We're thinking of planning a snorkeling trip to the Middle Keys Florida for the first two weeks of December 2018. How is the water visibility after Hurricane …

Middle Keys Snorkeling After Hurricane Irma? 
Any reports about how Middle Keys snorkeling was affected by Hurricane Irma? What are the conditions of the reefs and is snorkeling worth it? We're heading …

Does the Snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale Compare in Quality to the Keys? 
I am wondering if the snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale, Florida compares in quality to what you find in the Keys? I will be staying in Fort Lauderdale for …

John Pennekamp Park Snorkeling Tours a Viable Option 
I live in the West Palm Beach area and like the snorkeling tour options that are available at John Pennekamp Park. Going with a small group is the most …

Any Good Snorkeling in Southwest Florida Naples Area? 
Does anyone know of any good snorkeling in southwest Florida, Naples area? I will be there for a while and would like to find a spot or two to do some …

Best Time of Day to Snorkel Florida Keys? 
Can anyone tell me what the best time of day is to snorkel the Florida Keys? I'll be there in a few weeks, and will definitely be snorkeling. I snorkeled …

Snorkeling St. Andrews State Park, Panama City, Florida 
I wanted to share that there is snorkeling at St. Andrews State Park, Panama City, Florida. There is a jetty at the end of the peninsula that forms a sheltered …

Crystal River Manatee Snorkel 
The first thing you should know about a Crystal River Manatee snorkel is that there is nothing particularly crystalline about the Crystal River. The springs …

Shore Snorkeling Along Florida's Southeast Coast - Riviera Beach to Dania Beach 
Florida's southeast coast has some great places for shore snorkeling, especially if you like seeing lots of tropical fish. The video below shows the top …

Jellyfish Season in Florida Keys for Snorkeling? 
Is there a high jellyfish season in the Florida Keys? I have a snorkeling trip planned for the Middle Keys for late September and thought we were all set, …

Fresh Water Snorkeling in Florida 
Do you know where to go fresh water snorkeling in Florida? I hope to be there next month but will probably not make it to the Keys. I will be in Tampa …

Spots for Snorkeling With Kids in Florida 
Where is the best place to snorkel with children in the Florida Keys? We are going on a family vacation there and want to get in the water. Any help you …

Best Place to Snorkel in Florida Keys? 
I am looking for the best place to snorkel in the Florida Keys. My family and I were planning on going snorkeling there. We have never been and are really …

Snorkel Tour to Looe Key? 
What snorkel tour did you use to go to Looe Key? I've had trouble finding them. I only seem to find Looe Key Resort and Dive Center which seems to only …

Snorkel Tour to Cheeca Rocks and Hen and Chickens? 
I would like to know what snorkel tour you used to get to Cheeca Rocks and Hen and Chickens in the middle Florida Keys? We are planning a trip to Marathon …



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