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This is the place to tell everyone your first time snorkeling stories. Share with us your stories, experiences, pictures and tips. You can also read other people's stories about their first snorkeling experience.

When was your first time snorkeling? Where was it? Was it amazing, or terrible? Have you snorkeled much since?

Your submission will get shared with us and our site followers on this website. That way lots of people can enjoy your story.

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First Time Snorkeling Stories Left By Others

Click below to read the first time snorkeling stories that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Absolute Beginners 
We are newcomers to the hobby of snorkeling and we love it! We just came back from a cruise in the Caribbean and wanted to share our snorkeling adventures. …

My First Time Snorkeling At Molokini Crater 
I remember the first time I snorkeled in 2008; I was in Maui at the Molokini Crater and I have to say that was kinda of a crazy way to start snorkeling, …

The Start Of An Obsession 
My first snorkel experience was on a Caribbean Christmas cruise with the family some years ago. We stopped at a number of islands and opted for excursions …

Diver Turned Snorkeler 
I was a diver for over 10 years. In 2004 for medical reasons I could not dive for 2 years. This is when I started to snorkel. It came easy to me as a diver, …

Okinawa Snorkeling 
Hello all, my name is Darrell and I'm a military member stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I was always fascinated by the beautiful beaches here in Okinawa but …

Scary First Time Snorkeling Experience :( 
I was with friends in the Florida Keys who asked me to try snorkeling off their boat with them, it was my first time. They made sure my mask was fitted …

Bird If By Land, Snorkel By Sea 
Big Island, October, 2009, 7:45am check-in. We started our first full day (ever) in Hawaii with a trip in a rigid-hull inflatable out of Keauhou Bay. It …

I am not a swimmer. A near-drowning at the tender age of 5 permanently instilled in me a fear of water over my head. But still the lure of coral, breathtakingly …

Losing My (Snorkeling) Virginity In The Galapagos Islands 
I came close to drowning when I was a kid and since then I'd get panicky any time I was in the water. This obviously had me sitting at the poolside bar …

First Snorkel-Scream 
I snorkeled for the first time in Oct 2009 in Bermuda. The first time was on one of those guided tours (cruise excursion). When I saw how easy and amazing …

First Snorkeling Experience With Goggles And A Noodle 
My husband and I were in Maui, Hawaii. (Is there any other Maui?) We had been to several beaches and I absolutely refused to swim in the ocean. Several …



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