Dual Snorkeler Safety Buddy

by Brian

Last time while snorkeling in Mexico, my wife kept drifting too far away for my comfort. She's not a good swimmer. Hopefully this device I made will help with that. I call it the Dual Snorkeler Safety Buddy.

In areas where there may be boats or open sea snorkeling this keeps two people together, and also adds extra visibility. It is inflatable for easy travel, inexpensive and made of tough durable PVC.

How to use - each snorkeler holds the end of a rope using the loop.

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Sep 05, 2017
by: Nicole & Galen

Hi Brian, interesting idea. We might suggest that you tie the rope to your wrist instead of holding it, so it does not hinder using your hand for other things and so it is not dropped when unforeseen events happen.

Thanks for sharing.

Sep 22, 2017
by: Robin P

I pull a 3' long orange inflatable torpedo with a dive flag on top. I attach it to my wrist with a velcro wrist strap. You could attach two wrist straps.

Sep 22, 2017
by: Clyn6

Robin P, I would like to see a photo of that please!

Sep 22, 2017
Dual Snorkel Buddy for Two
by: Clyn6

Brian, thank you for posting this! My husband is not a strong swimmer as well, and I think this would be great for us! He swam far away from the group, and me. I spent more time worrying about where he was than enjoying the snorkeling. The inflatable sounds great so it does not take up space and weight in luggage.

Sep 22, 2017
Good Idea TY
by: Brian

"You could attach two wrist straps."

Yes I found some velcro wrist straps in the dollar store. Safer than using the rope loop I think.

Thank you.

Aug 02, 2018
by: Chad

Please don't attach yourself solidly to a rope or float. You should never be tied to anything when you're in the water. A loop that stays open that you can grasp with your hand or even pass your arm through but easily withdrawal it should work fine.

I have a 13 year old non-verbal autistic son and I have made a setup to use when we go snorkeling. I use an inflatable spearfishing torpedo-shaped float. It is brightly colored, has more than enough flotation to hold us up, lots of hand straps and attachment points, extremely durable, and has a dive flag on top for visibility. I pull it with a lifeguard shoulder strap that has a tether on it long enough that my fins do not hit the float while dragging it behind me. It is easy to see, easy to hang on to, and easy to keep your head out of the water if you need it.

If I'm going to want to anchor at all or have a line trailing behind it I use a smooth rubber spearfishing float line. It is practically tangle-free both with itself and with you. It floats and it will not cause rope burn.

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