Diver Turned Snorkeler

by Elizabeth Ginocchio

I was a diver for over 10 years. In 2004 for medical reasons I could not dive for 2 years. This is when I started to snorkel. It came easy to me as a diver, as I was used to the mask and snorkel because of diving.

The first time I snorkeled it was for 2.5 hours! I was hooked! My husband, who has been a diver for over 30 years used to say "I would have no use for Bonaire" if I could not dive, then when we went snorkeling, he said "OMG....I can't believe it, what an amazing thing!

Due to our business and time constraints, I now only dive a couple of times a year, but I snorkel at least twice a month minimum. It is amazing how much you can see, and you don't have to scuba dive.

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Jan 09, 2016
by: William

It's a miracle! Too bad about your medical stuff though. Great story. Before, diver, now, snorkeler. Like I said, it's a miracle!!!

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