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Curacao Stories & Questions Left By Others

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Snorkeling at Marazul Dive Resort, Curacao? 
We are planning a trip to Curacao for June 2019. So far, I have decided on a 10 day stay, divided between Avila Hotel and somewhere else! I have read some …

Our 2018 Curacao Snorkeling Trip Report 
We just returned from two weeks snorkeling Curacao. We really enjoyed our first trip and we did an awful lot of snorkeling. We want to thank …

Had a Great Time Snorkeling Curacao, December 2016 
I wanted to share a story about our great time snorkeling in Curacao in December, 2016. Tugboat was the best spot on the island. I would skip the wreck …

Our Snorkel Trip to Curacao 
We had a great time snorkeling Curacao in August 2013, thanks in no small part to another of Galen and Nicole’s always helpful guides. We ignored their …

Curacao Snorkeling Trip Report, 2012 
Here's my Curacao snorkeling trip report from our trip in 2012. Loved it. Now I will say it's probably not for everyone, but if you are looking to do some …

Snorkeling Curacao - Caracasbaai's Hidden Treasure 
I wanted to share this snorkeling Curacao tip. We live a short walk from Caracasbaai Beach, near where the famous Tugboat is located. We've snorkeled there …



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