Curacao Snorkeling Pictures
See Our Experience Underwater

Our Curacao snorkeling pictures gallery on this page should help you get a sense for what to expect underwater at this beautiful little Caribbean island.

And if you are trying to decide if you want to snorkel here, don't miss our other Curacao pages at the link below, where we share some of our favorite snorkel spots and tons of other details about what it is like. 

We took around 3500 pictures on our Curacao trip, and below are some of the better ones. You will get to see many different tropical fish, different types of corals, soft and hard, and some of the amazing sponges we found.

Curacao is a picturesque snorkel spot, that offers many secluded little beaches, and clear water, making it easy to get nice shots.

Snorkeling Curacao Picture Gallery

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Encrusted Rock
Trunkfish Pair
Juvenile Beaugregory
Hairy Blenny

Beautiful Curacao Beach
Tall Sponges & Corals
Soft Coral
Fleeing Sand Diver

Orangespotted Filefish
Clear Beautiful Waters
Hiding Octopus
Elkhorn Coral & Needlefish

Tube Sponges & Coral Heads
Sea Turtle Over Sand
Nice Varitey Of Corals
Snorkeling Boat Tours

Greater Soapfish
Branching Vase Sponge
School of Tropical Fish
Another beautiful Curacao beach.

Another Sea Turtle & Bar Jack
Tube Sponge
Young Grunts over Fire Coral
Surrounded by Redear Herring

Caribbean Reef Squid
Mustard Hill Coral & Christmas Tree Tube Worms
Interesting Green Brain Coral
Anyone for a swim?

Two Spotted Scorpionfish
Lettuce Coral & Many Fish
Silversides School & Blue Tang
Elkhorn Coral Head

School of Caribbean Reef Squid
Tube Sponge
Lots of fish.
Nicole over Pillar Coral

Pair of Redspotted Hawkfish

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You can also find some more Curacao snorkeling pictures on our Facebook Page

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Picture Tips?

We love taking underwater pictures when snorkeling, and on this site we share oodles of tips to improve your snorkeling photography and choose camera equipment. You can explore those pages here.



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