Cozumel Snorkeling Report, June, 2012

by Jack
(Santa Fe, NM, USA)

My wife and I were in Cozumel, for a wedding, from June 7 through June 13, 2012 and here is our snorkeling report. While there, we snorkeled at four different spots on Cozumel, and also off Isla Holbox.

We mostly snorkeled in front of our hotel, the Presidente (a great hotel, which I highly recommend). The hotel has a large snorkeling area roped off. Snorkel tour boats crowd into the reef area right next door.

There was a surprising variety of fish in front of the hotel, including rays, scorpionfish, barracuda, flounder, tangs, puffers, angelfish, etc. However, except for right next to the shore, there was very sparse coral. Any structure - there is a big sunken metal thing - attracts a lot of fish. There is a big area of soft fan corals further down the shore. Under the hotel piers were a lot of fish.

The numbers of fish are maybe not as good as Bonaire, but like I said, a surprising variety -- a huge ray went flapping past.

We did night snorkeling in front of the hotel, but it was disappointing. Saw a big crab feeding, but nothing much else.

We went on a three-reef tour with Eagle Ray Divers, who I also recommend. Four snorkelers and two divers. The reefs, on the southwestern leeward side of the island, included Palancar Shallows.

The reefs have great coral heads, turtles, much bigger fish (huge angelfish and barracudas), and great visibility. Trouble is, the action is mostly 20 or more feet down. Unless you can deep-dive with ease -- I tried, and wound up with a bloody nose from the pressure -- it can be a bit frustrating.

We traveled one day to Isla Holbox and snorkeled with the whale sharks. An amazing experience! We recommend Holbox Whale Shark Tours.

In short, Cozumel is a beautiful vacation spot -- nice hotels and restaurants, friendly people, very clean. But not sure I would go to Cozumel just for the snorkeling. On the other hand, it's not bad. And the diving sounds like it's still great. (But who wants all that gear?)

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Jun 26, 2012
Your Cozumel Snorkeling Report
by: Galen & Nicole

Great report on your experience snorkeling in Cozumel Jack. Thanks for sharing. It sounds very consistent with many of the other reports that folks have shared with us. Read our take on Cozumel snorkeling.

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