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Cayman Islands Stories & Questions
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Click below to read the Cayman Islands snorkeling stories and questions that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment or answer a question. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Grand Cayman November 2014 Snorkel Trip Report 
On November 1st, my wife and I had our annual opportunity to spend a couple of weeks on Grand Cayman. We were able to take a friend and his wife along …

Cayman Brac Snorkeling Info or Guidebook? 
Hi, we are headed to Cayman Brac for snorkeling in April 2014. I need some information about where to go on the island. I am hoping to get a recommendation …

Snorkeling Stingray City and Cali Wreck on Grand Cayman 
We snorkeled Stingray City at the northern end of Rum Point and the Cali Wreck. Well, everything you read about Grand Cayman says you really have to …

Snorkeling Eden Rock and Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman 
We snorkeled two spots on Grand Cayman, Eden Rock and Turtle Farm, also known as Conch Point. We decided to start out snorkeling at Eden Rock. It is …

Rum Point Drift Snorkel on Grand Cayman 
We did a Rum Point drift snorkel on Grand Cayman. This was the best snorkel day we had the entire time on the island. We put in at the Cayman Kai Public …

Cayman Brac & Grand Cayman February 2013 Snorkeling Trip Report 
This year, as part of our annual trek to Grand Cayman, we were able to spend the first week snorkeling Cayman Brac. This was our first time to go to the …

Grand Cayman Snorkeling Report February 2012 
We were able to make our annual snorkeling trip to Grand Cayman a little early this year. Arrived hungry at 2:30 PM, and went to Sharkbites (Hammerheads) …

Snorkeling Grand Cayman March - April 2011 
We made our yearly trek for snorkeling Grand Cayman a little late this year. We prefer to go when it is still really winter in Pennsylvania. We snorkeled …

Snorkeling Grand Cayman 
My wife and I have a lot of experience snorkeling Grand Cayman. We have a timeshare on the island, hence we snorkel there every year. In 2003 or 2004, …



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