Caribbean Bleached Out?

By Greg

Is the Caribbean bleached out? Today I am trying to plan a 2024 Caribbean snorkeling trip. The bleaching reports, however, seem to report massive and catastrophic coral bleaching events across much of the Caribbean (see this article as an example).

My question: can anyone report favorable snorkeling conditions from the very recent past, to help plan a trip for 2024 to a Caribbean destination?

Thanks in advance for any information you can offer.

P.S. Thank you, snorkeling family, for your eyes, ears, and ideas all these years; your suggestions and comments in planning snorkel trip destinations are valued! Thanks to Nicole and Galen, too, for this space to communicate.

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  1. Greg, I’m hopeful in spots. When I asked in a Curacao forum, they said, “no,” but I don’t know how educated the repliers were. Still, Bonaire was reporting Stony Coral disease and had a couple areas closed off for a bit. I’m headed to Curacao in Jan. 2024 so I can report then.


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