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San Diego Snorkeling - Mission Point 
One of the best places to snorkel in San Diego, is Mission Point. There are no crowds and the parking is good, even in summer as long as you get there …

La Jolla Cove Sea Lion Problem 
La Jolla Cove is only 15 minutes from me, and I had LOVED snorkeling there. Not only are there bright orange Garibaldi and red sea hares, but the plants …

Snorkeling Treasure Island Beach, Laguna Beach, California 
There's a decent snorkeling spot in Laguna Beach, California called Treasure Island Beach. A small cove in front of the Montage Resort has two finger …

Snorkeled With Leopard Sharks At La Jolla Shores CA 
We snorkeled with the Leopard Sharks at La Jolla Shores, CA over Labor Day weekend, August 31, 2014, and it was fantastic! The water was warm (relatively …

Snorkeling Catalina Island Lover's Cove & Avalon Underwater Park 
I wanted to share our experience with snorkeling Catalina Island, CA, specifically Lover's Cove and Avalon Underwater Park. Living near the cold waters …

Snorkeling The Channel Islands - California 
Here are some suggestions for snorkeling the Channel Islands in California. Years ago, (in a former lifetime) I used to operate a charter boat out of San …

Monterey California Snorkeling 
I originally come from the Monterey Bay area, in central California. Out of curiosity I read your section on snorkeling in California. I have been snorkeling …

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