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Our Bonaire Snorkel Trip Nov. 7 - 22, 2015 
My wife and I had the great opportunity to spend a couple of weeks on a snorkel trip in Bonaire Nov. 7-22, 2015. This is certainly some of the best snorkeling …

Snorkeling In Bonaire March 2014 
I just returned from spending the entire month of March snorkeling in Bonaire. It was windy, but still excellent. The local people are still gracious and …

Bonaire Snorkeling Trip Report October 26 through November 10, 2012 
We wanted to share our Bonaire snorkeling trip report. On October 26th, my wife and I flew into Bonaire by way of Curacao. After picking up our reserved …

Kayak to Klein Bonaire to Snorkel? 
First, if we were to kayak to Klein Bonaire to snorkel, where do we rent the kayaks? Is it safe to kayak to all of the sites on Klein Bonaire? Second, …

Snorkeling Bonaire - Not the Virgin Islands, but... 
My wife and I have a time share in St. John (USVI), so we have been obligated to go there the last few years. We happened to be there during a hurricane …

Great 20th Anniversary Snorkeling in Bonaire!! 
We just got back from a week snorkeling in Bonaire and it was great!! We stayed at the Sand Dollar which is right in front of Bari Reef and weren't sure …

My First Eagle Ray While Snorkeling Tori's Reef in Bonaire 
On my last trip to Bonaire I heard at one of the dive shops that there were Spotted Eagle Rays at Tori's Reef so decided to check it out. My first snorkeling …

Bonaire Snorkeling Review 
My wife and I returned to Bonaire after three trips to that island back in the 1980's and early 90's. We were there recently for two weeks and here is …

Snorkel At The Plaza Resort In Bonaire 
At the Plaza Resort in Bonaire, if you haven't used the dock at the far end of the beach to snorkel from you should try it next time you are there. Walk …

Our Experience Snorkeling In Bonaire 
My wife and I, and another couple were snorkeling in Bonaire this past March/April, 2010 and we wanted to share our experience. It was amazing and definitely …

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