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This is the spot for you to share your best snorkeling in the world stories. Tell us where you think the best snorkeling is, experiences, pictures and tips. You can also read other people's opinions on the subject.

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Best Snorkeling in the World Stories
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Click below to read the best snorkeling in the world stories that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Galapagos Islands: Most Unique Snorkeling in the World 
I've snorkeled many places in the Caribbean and Pacific. The most unique snorkeling I've ever done was in the Galapagos Islands, which is located about …

Red Sea Egypt, The Best Snorkeling 
To us, Red Sea, Egypt is the best place for snorkeling we've seen so far. We have visited the Red Sea some 10 times now, so we have some experience in …

Snorkeled the World, Eastern Indonesia the Best 
I am an avid snorkeler and have been lucky enough to snorkel all over the world. My vote for best snorkeling in the world is Eastern Indonesia, West New …

Fiji Snorkeling - Simply the Best 
I think that Fiji snorkeling is simply the best in the world. It puts everything else I have seen to shame. I have been to Fiji four times - twice to the …

Moorea - World's Best Snorkeling 
We actually googled "world's best snorkeling" while researching a place to go for our 20th anniversary (2005). Avid snorkelers, we no longer bother to …

Snorkeling Bonaire Is the Best! 
I have to say snorkeling Bonaire, is hands down the best! I have snorkeled in Florida, the Bahamas, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. Bonaire is "known" as a …

World's Best Snorkeling Is in the Philippines 
We think that the world's best snorkeling is in the Philippines. We have snorkeled all over the world, in Hawaii, many places in the Caribbean, and on …



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