Belize vs. Maui Snorkeling

by Erik
(Washington State)

In your opinion, what place has better snorkeling, Belize or Maui? Thank you.

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Jul 27, 2010
Belize vs. Maui Snorkeling
by: Galen & Nicole

Hi Erik. Most folks would probably say Belize. But it depends on what you like. They are such different places. Maui is tropical Pacific and Belize is tropical Caribbean. Because of that you are not going to see the the wonderful soft corals in Maui that you will see in Belize. But in Maui you can snorkel with some wonderful big Green Sea Turtles, which is one of the best reasons to snorkel there. In Belize if you see a turtle, it will be small and high tailing it away from you. In Maui you get to snorkel from tons of wonderful beaches, so you don't need to pay for boats and deal with their schedules. In Belize, you have no choice but to use a boat because there is really no shore snorkeling.

So generally I think Belize is better underwater. But for the wonderful beach access and the great hard corals and turtles, we still love Maui.

Aug 22, 2010
by: John

I agree with the other comment regarding Belize, but far and away prefer Maui. Being able to access great snorkeling spots from the beach any time you want is a real freedom. Living your vacation-life pegged to a boat schedule and the fees they charge for a seat on the boat is something to avoid. In Maui, I can snorkel 30 or 40 spots on my own schedule from sunup to sundown. What could be better? I guess I've become very "anti-boat."

Dec 27, 2010
Sailing Belize
by: Snorkeler

I was fortunate enough last May to go with friends on a 46ft Moorings catamaran crewed sail for a week off southern/central Belize. We did this on a stateroom charter basis, with one couple unknown to us (only 3 guest cabins and the crews quarters), which is cheaper than chartering a crewed sailboat and easier than finding another couple.

The snorkeling was wonderful and the coral healthier than most places in the Caribbean. We snorkeled at least twice a day, at a different location each time, and moored in a quiet cove (not a harbor) each night. Even tried mangrove snorkeling among the cool roots of the mangroves; was nervous at first but it was a great experience that I would repeat again. With our crew's knowledge of great snorkel spots and preparation of all food, we were truly pampered.

We have also sailed with the Moorings on a stateroom charter basis in the Abacos, the BVI, and the Grenedines. Most relaxing and fun vacations ever; I highly recommend the Moorings. But that's not the question here. Sorry for this digression!

Afterwards we spent a couple of days on Ambergris Caye at the Portifino Resort, a wonderful small resort with very friendly and helpful staff and management. We did not have time to take a boat to snorkel Shark/Stingray Alley but hope to return someday.

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