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This is the spot to share your Bahamas snorkeling stories, tips and pictures, and read what other people have experienced in the Bahamas. You can also ask any questions that have not already been answered below.

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Bahamas Stories & Questions Left By Others

Click below to read the Bahamas snorkeling stories and questions that other people have shared. Feel free to leave a comment or answer a question. Try to keep your comments on topic or start another story in the form above.

Snorkeling Paradise Island, Bahamas – From Beach and by Boat 
In late April of 2018 we traveled to Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. My wife loves water parks and I prefer to snorkel so we hoped to find the best …

Any Snorkeling in the Abacos Islands, Bahamas? 
Has anyone snorkeled in the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas? We have a trip scheduled there for May 2019, and we love and LIVE to snorkel! We're staying …

Eleuthera, Bahamas Snorkeling? 
Does anyone know about Eleuthera, Bahamas snorkeling? We are thinking about spending a week-long family (4 adults and 2 teenagers) vacation there in spring …

One Day of Snorkeling in Nassau, Bahamas 
We had one day of snorkeling in Nassau, Bahamas as we were visiting on a cruise. A few months ago, we posted a question asking about where we should go …

Looking for Bahamas Snorkeling Info 
I am looking for some Bahamas snorkeling information. I plan to kayak and snorkel on my trip there. The Exuma island chain is of particular interest, but …

Snorkeling Bahamas - Walker's Cay & West End, Grand Bahama 
Last September my husband and I went snorkeling in the northern Bahamas at Walker's Cay and West End, Grand Bahama. We sailed over in our 38' boat and …



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