by Ellen
(Sacramento, CA)

I am not a swimmer. A near-drowning at the tender age of 5 permanently instilled in me a fear of water over my head.

But still the lure of coral, breathtakingly colored fish and giant sea turtles steeled my resolve to get in the warm Hawaiian waters with fins, goggles…and a PFD! Buoyed by a smart-fitting life jacket bought before departing for Kauai, I watched from Poipu Beach as people of all ages and abilities snorkeled around and surfaced, exclaiming of the wonders they beheld below. My husband was among them; I’d told him to go on and participate and I’d “think about it.”

Sometimes that’s how it is with me – I have to arrive at a decision on my own time. Pretty soon I’d geared up in my virgin K-Mart snorkel set, braved the small waves and started floating around with everyone else. Immediately, yellow tang were everywhere! I kicked and floated out farther and could not believe my eyes. I was rewarded with a 3’ trumpet fish almost immediately.

Snorkeling is a lovely addiction and I am a proud addict!

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Aug 27, 2010
Snorkeler's Anonymous
by: Galen & Nicole

Ellen, I just read an article about addictions that can be good for you, which included things like chocolate, massage, and a glass of red wine with dinner. Snorkeling addiction is a laughing matter. Fortunately you have a great support group here who will encourage you to spend all your extra money on your addiction.

Aug 28, 2010
Sound familiar?
by: susan

Look at my story - First time story about "goggles and a noodle" and see if it sounds familiar. I support that habit 100%.

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