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Dolphin Retail Store in Sacramento, CA.

We buy the majority of our snorkel gear from Dolphin, and we are also partnered with them. They are a snorkeler friendly company, that is a great alternative to Amazon (in many ways better). They have been a dive center in Sacramento for over 40 years (Dolphin Scuba Center), have an online store, a large warehouse of in stock items, and ship several times a day. Dolphin is committed to supporting our snorkeling community.

1-800-436-5744 (1-800-4-Dolphin)
When calling ask for owner Mike Johnson, or sales manager Steve Gilmore, and let them know we sent you.

What's Good About Buying at Dolphin?

  • They have a dedicated snorkeling equipment website www.dolphinsnorkelcenter.com so you don't have to wade through thousands of diving gear items to find what you want.
  • They have excellent prices and free shipping on many items.
  • You can get an experienced person on the phone to answer questions.
  • You can get help after the sale, for tech support or warranty issues.
  • You don't have to worry about buying counterfeit or low quality snorkeling equipment that might be a safety issue.
  • They treat their employees with respect.
Dolphin teaches tons of kids to swim all week long in the swimming pool that you can see through the big windows in their store.

In some respects Dolphin is an old fashioned business, in the really good way, with experienced sales staff, who work in a real store, in a community where all the kids come and learn how to swim in their pool. There is a family feel to Dolphin. And in fact we had the pleasure of meeting the owner's father, who was working in the dive repair shop. Many of their employees have been with the company for many years. There is lots of gray hair around Dolphin, which is a good sign!

But they are also modern in that they do a lot of online sales, and have a huge warehouse of stocked items, with fast shipping.

The Story of Our Partnership

On our website we provide snorkeling equipment suggestions and reviews, and for years we have linked to Amazon because of its convenience.

But there are growing issues with Amazon. So awhile ago we started looking for a good company that we felt confident about recommending to you for buying snorkeling equipment. It took a long time. We talked with many companies that did not fit the bill. We wanted a very pro-snorkeling company.

But after a really good meeting with the CEO Mike Johnson at the DEMA trade show in Las Vegas, we thought we might be on to something. He loves the underwater world, and we got along well. And while he loves diving personally, he is very supportive of snorkelers, and our community.

As part of our vetting process we flew down and visited their store in Sacramento. We spent a couple of days, getting to know people, testing gear in their pool, and touring their facilities and warehouse. After that followed a long period of working together to improve their snorkeling store website, and us testing gear on a number of trips so that we could give reviews of the newest equipment.

The Dolphin warehouse, where your order will be shipped from.
Nicole in the pool at Dolphin trying out snorkeling equipment.

As part of our partnership Dolphin is helping us with pricing on all the equipment we buy to provide you with hands on reviews. Nicole is in the pool at Dolphin at right testing out a literal shopping cart of gear, to see what we wanted to buy for trip testing.

And we get a commission on sales from Dolphin if you purchase on their snorkel site, or on the phone, at no extra cost to you. That really helps us continue supporting the snorkel community, so thank you. (And it's a better commission than Amazon pays us.)

So give them a try.  If you don't find what you want on their website, give them a call. They have dealerships in almost everything, so it may just not be on their website, or they can order it.

If you have any problems just give Mike a call. They are real people, but busy, so they won't be perfect at times. But we are confident that they care and will fix issues if given a chance. If not, please let us know.



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