About Backscatter & Our Partnership

We are proud to be partnered with Backscatter.com, the best store for buying snorkeling camera equipment.

Backscatter was founded in 1994 and has become the world's largest underwater photography supplier and the only facility that offers in-house warranty repair service for all major brands. Unlike companies that just sell and ship boxes, all of Backscatter’s staff are active divers and photographers living up to their motto, “We DIVE, SHOOT, and SERVICE everything we sell!”

Backscatter, the best store for buying snorkeling camera equipment.

Why We Recommend You Buy Your Snorkeling Camera at Backscatter?

Incredible Support!
They provide lifetime technical support with every purchase. And since all of the staff at Backscatter are divers and underwater photography pros, they know how to use the equipment, which means you get experienced assistance with your questions. Just take a look around their website with all the helpful videos and documentation to get a sense for their expertise. No question is stupid at Backscatter.

Best Prices
They also have excellent prices and will beat any advertised price.

Free Shipping
If you are in the USA or Canada, you don't have to pay shipping costs, and they also have excellent low cost international shipping options.

They Service What They Sell in House

They are the only facility that offers in-house warranty repair service for all major brands. If you need your underwater housing serviced, or some other repair done, Backscatter takes care of it in house.

Backscatter Harks Back to a Better Period in USA Customer Service
Backscatter is kind of a throwback, in the best way. A real camera store, where you can get experienced personal service and technical support from people who care. That is very rare these days, unfortunately. And they somehow manage to do that and still have the best prices! We love giving them our business.

Snorkeling Is Hard on Cameras & They Are Complex!
For all the reasons above we highly recommend working with Backscatter. Notice we said working, not just buying? That's because snorkeling is hard on cameras, and today's digital cameras are highly technical. Backscatter has the experience and desire to help you get the right setup that will last, and can help you understand and get the best use out of your camera after you buy it. And if you want to advance in your photography skills Backscatter is considered the premier learning center for the advancement of underwater photography. Try getting any of that from Amazon or one of the other big impersonal mega stores.

When You Buy with Backscatter You Also Support Tropicalsnorkeling.com
A final perk to buying with Backscatter is that by doing so you are also supporting us, because we get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. That helps us keep creating resources for snorkelers! If you buy through the links on our website, or in our newsletter or eBooks then our commission is tracked automatically. If you call Backscatter let them know we sent you.

What Does Backscatter Mean?

Backscatter is actually a technical term in underwater photography. It's all the little white spots that can show up in your picture when your flash or sunlight reflects off little specs of matter and micro sea life in the water, between you and your subject.

Where Is Backscatter?

You can find them online at Backscatter.com. They have an excellent website.

They also have two physical stores in the USA.

West Coast Headquarters
Showroom / International Shipping
225 Cannery Row
Monterey, California 93940 USA

East Coast Showroom
16 Manning Street, Suite 103
Derry, New Hampshire 03038 USA

How to Contact Backscatter?

You can use the contact form below to email them. Please only use this form for questions about what to purchase or actually making a purchase from Backscatter.

Contact Backscatter With Purchase Questions

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