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This 8 night Wakatobi snorkeling trip sounds wonderful. We are excited to promote it for our friend Wendy, a fellow snorkel nut and travel agent, who puts together and leads these amazing group snorkel trips.

This trip is a little different than some of Wendy's others because you will be staying at a wonderful eco-resort with a group of other snorkelers, instead of on a liveaboard boat. But the snorkeling looks equally exciting.

Wakatobi Snorkeling Trip Resort
Beautiful Wakatobi Reef Colors
Snorkeler over a Wakatobi reef
Intelligent Cuttlefish In Wakatobi

Why Snorkel Wakatobi?
Wakatobi sits within a National Marine Park that is "widely recognized as having the highest number of reef and fish species in the world." Jacques Cousteau called it "Underwater Nirvana". There is an abundance of shore snorkeling available on the house reef of the resort, plus you get 4 days of boat snorkel trips to explore the over 40 nearby snorkel spots with your group.

This complex underwater ecosystem offers everything from eel grass and sea turtles, to more exotic creatures not seen in many other places, like Blue Ring Octopus, frogfish and cuttlefish.

There are also over 500 species of reef building corals in wonderful array of colors, shapes, and sizes that are home to schools of reef fish.

And after you are done exploring that for the day you take it easy on the beautiful beaches, get a massage at the spa, explore the area by kayak, or try a number of other fun activities.

Where Is Wakatobi?
It is a group of four islands in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, in the heart of the Asia-Pacific Coral Triangle.

Where In Wakatobi Is The Resort?

Is The Resort Nice?
It's an award winning eco-resort sitting right on an amazing reef. Yes, it looks wonderful to us! You will stay in some beautiful bungalows right on the beach, or slightly off, and eat gourmet meals. It gets great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Beach bungalo on Wakatobi
Nudibranch On The Colorful Reef

Wakatobi Snorkeling Trip
Dates & Prices

Trip Dates & Cost

June 4-12, 2017
$3975 per person in a bungalow just off the beach
$4530 per person in a bungalow on the beach

July 6-14, 2017
$3975 per person in a bungalow just off the beach
$4530 per person in a bungalow on the beach

How To Learn More?

There are not many spots left on these Wakatobi snorkeling trips. To learn more about what is included and how to book your trip use the contact form below to ask Wendy (the trip organizer and leader).

Currently the June 2017 trip is full but not fully prepaid. There is a chance space will open up. Contact Wendy and get yourself on the waiting list.

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More About Wendy & This Partnership

We have been promoting Wendy's trips since 2013, and she gives us a commission for helping her. We recently were on one of her trips in the Maldives and it was extremely well organized and fantastic for focusing 100% on snorkeling. We also did a lot of research, asking other people who had been on her trips what it was like. And she received glowing reviews. You can read more about Wendy and reviews of her trips here.



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