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Biodegradable/Reef Friendly Sunscreen & Body Care

Long before we invited Stream2Sea to become a sponsor they won our side by side sunscreen tests. We trust their sunscreen to keep us from getting burned whenever we hit the water. And, most important, when we use their sunscreen we have confidence that we are doing our best to not kill coral reefs or fish.

Besides using their products we have met the CEO Autumn Blum and had great conversations with her. We have picked her brain about confusing ingredient questions, and she is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It's a great company, with an honest team that is enjoyable to deal with.

Selecting reef safe sunscreen is a complex issue. Read the Stream2Sea story below to learn why we think they are such an inspiring company.

Stream2Sea News & Specials

May 9th-11th – Blue Horizon Summit, Washington DC.  Stream2Sea is speaking on water pollution and the sunscreen industry on the Sunscreen and Coral Reef panel.

May 16th-22nd – Stream2Sea will be on-board for the Trophy Taker Outdoors 6-day charter of the eco-system of Florida exploring the coastal areas, the Everglades and our coral reefs by boat and dives. 

Stream2Sea is sponsoring the Loggerhead Marinelife Center Summer Camp in Vero Beach, FL, from June to August, teaching a session to educate youth on the ingredients in personal care products and how they impact the environment.
Get 10% off your first order by using the coupon code TropicalSnorkeling10 on Stream2Sea's website.

Why We Think Stream2Sea Is Such A Good Company

First, if you don't already know, there are chemicals like Oxybenzone in most popular sunscreens that have been proven to be toxic to coral and fish.

Second, there is no regulation for the use of terms like "Reef Safe", or "Reef Friendly". But there are sunscreen products labeled "Reef Safe" that still have those chemicals in them. So picking a sunscreen is a bit of a challenge.

What really sets Stream2Sea apart is that they really prioritize the ocean, your health and doing what's right over profits. The CEO of Stream2Sea, is an organic chemist, and is also a diver. And she was seeing those sunscreens being used and knew that they were damaging the reef. So she decided to create a sunscreen and bodycare line that is effective at its purpose, but it does that without causing harm to the ocean or your family.

Featured Product

Stream2Sea also offers lip balm sunscreen, sun/sting relief gel, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

Notice on their labels they don't say "Reef Safe"? That was a choice to be honest, because despite the testing they have done, reefs are complex ecosystems and it's impossible to know for sure a product is fully "Reef Safe". Instead they say "EcoConscious".

At great expense and trouble, they have tested as scientifically as they can to make sure their product does no harm. They have tested for biodegradability, and for toxicity on fish and coral. And they hated having to do those tests on live creatures, but there was no other way to be sure. It's a good thing they did though because one of their earlier test formulations that met the Whole Foods Premium Standard, that is considered safe for humans, failed marine toxicity tests, killing fish.

Their product packaging is 100% recyclable tubes made from sugarcane resins, which is a nice bonus!

And on top of this, they have also made a product that works the best from our tests. You can learn a lot about the company and their choices by reading their website, linked to at the top of this page.