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Snorkeling Trips

Explore the amazing snorkeling trips below. The colorful pictures and details you will learn about these remote and stunning destinations will get you excited to join. But even if you can't go, it's worth exploring these pages just to enjoy their beauty, and to learn where you might want to visit in the future.

These group snorkel trips are arranged and led by two different companies that are friends of ours (we are just promoting them, not running them). We do join one or two of these trips each year ourselves.

Most, but not all, of these snorkeling safaris are focused on the Coral Triangle, a marine area in the western Pacific Ocean that is the epicenter of marine biodiversity of the world, including nearly 800 types of coral, and 2200 species of colorful fish, and six of the seven types of marine turtles. Six countries are part of the Coral Triangle: Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and the Solomon Islands.

2019 Snorkeling Trips

Alor and Komodo, Indonesia

Learn more about this Alor & Komodo snorkeling trip.

Join Galen & Nicole on this fantastic resort based snorkeling safari to Alor and Komodo in Indonesia. This affordable, 15 day small group snorkeling trip will visit two distinct and biologically lush areas of the Coral Triangle, with the opportunity to see a variety of interesting marine life, vast coral fields and walls, and some interesting top side attractions like Komodo Dragons! Click here to see the full details about this amazing trip.

Bali & Komodo Snorkel Safari & Cultural Experience

Read more about this Bali & Komodo snorkeling trip.

This interesting trip combines a snorkeling safari with overland cultural tours of Bali. This 15 day trip is not as snorkeling intensive as the other trips on this page, but it will be a very diverse trip giving you the best of above and below the water. Stay in rural central Bali, enjoying rice field landscapes, and learning about the culture. Then move on to a relaxing ocean front resort in Bali for some snorkeling, before heading off to Komodo and its flourishing reefs! Click here to see the full details about this tour.

Wakatobi Resort, Indonesia

Join this once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkel Wakatobi, which is in the heart of the Coral Triangle in Indonesia. Wakatobi is recognized as having the highest number of coral and fish species found anywhere on the planet. This resort sits in a national marine park, and has perhaps the best house reef for snorkeling in the world. On this seven day trip you also get twelve boat based snorkel trips out to the best reefs in the area. And the resort, although remote, is a luxury experience in itself. Learn more about how to join this trip here.

Sulawesi and Borneo, Indonesia

Learn all the details about this Sulawesi & Borneo snorkeling trip.

Travel to some of the lesser visited and remote areas of the Coral Triangle and experience the amazing bio-diversity of the reefs in Sulawesi and Borneo. Snorkel Bunaken National Park and a stingless jellyfish lake. Although this is a snorkeling focused 15 day trip, you also get a wonderful overland trip to see orangutans, proboscis monkeys, sun bears, and you will see some stunning landscapes topsides! Click here for full details about this trip.

Visayan Islands Philippines

Read all about this Philippines snorkeling trip.

Visit three fantastic waterfront resorts in the heart of the Philippines, and snorkel the best reefs the country has to offer. This 13 day, remarkably affordable small group adventure will not leave you wanting for sea life, with vast schools of sardines, turtles, eagle rays, and the chance to see rare creatures like frogfish. And when you take a break from snorkeling you get to see the beautiful landscape of the Chocolate Hills and see Tarsiers, the world's smallest primates! Learn more about this exciting trip here.

2020 Snorkeling Trips

Belize Liveaboard - Glovers Reef & Turneffe Atolls

Explore the incredible outer atolls of Belize, on this seven day liveaboard snorkeling adventure. Glovers Reef and Turneffe Atolls offer some of the healthiest remaining reefs in the Caribbean, with a great variety of soft and hard corals, colorful sponges, and abundant fish life. Your luxury private yacht will take you to three to four different snorkel spots each day, and will pamper you with service and all inclusive delicious meals. Learn more about this great trip here.

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Learn all the details about this Misool Eco Resort Raja Ampat snorkeling trip.

Join Galen & Nicole traveling to arguably the best snorkeling spot on earth, Raja Ampat, the world's epicenter of marine biodiversity. We will be staying at Misool Eco Resort, in the middle of a 500 square mile protected marine reserve. You can snorkel right from the beach in Misool's wonderful house reef, plus go on two snorkeler only boat trips every day, enjoy fantastic food, or hit the spa, all in a tropical wonderland. Click here to see the full details about this spectacular trip.

Visayan Islands Philippines

Click to learn more about this Philippines snorkeling trip.

Another opportunity to take this wonderful resort based snorkeling trip in 2020. Lively reefs full of fish and creatures are the highlight. Many overland tours included. Click here to read all about this great trip.

Palau - Liveaboard & Optional Resort

Get all the details about this Palau liveaboard snorkeling trip.

Visit the fantastic Palau archipelago on this liveaboard yacht trip! Our partner Ben has created this new trip to these Pacific islands on the fringes of the Coral Triangle. You have the option to add on three days at the beginning of the trip at the luxurious Palau Pacific Resort, but the highlight of the trip is a seven day adventure on the Palau Aggressor II liveaboard focused entirely on snorkeling the best that the Palau archipelago has to offer: coral gardens, manta rays, sharks, abundant fish life and interesting topography. Don't miss your chance to snorkel this fantastic destination! Click here to read more about this outstanding trip opportunity.

Tonga Humpback Whales &
Fiji Great Astrolabe Reef Snorkeling Trip

Read more about this Tonga Humpback & Fiji Reef snorkeling trip.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to snorkel with Humpback Whales from The Tongan Beach Resort and explore the abundant Great Astrolabe Reef from the Matava Eco-Resort in Fiji. This resort-based trip has it all. With ten full days of snorkeling boat trips split between Tonga and Fiji, you will get your fill of the best snorkeling these two places have to offer. In addition to the Humpbacks, you can expect to see beautiful coral gardens, massive schools of fish, sharks and manta rays. Learn all about this exciting trip here.

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We are always looking to bring you exciting trips to some of the best places on earth, like the ones above. Many of our readers have gone on past snorkeling holidays that we have shared here. If you have never gone on one of these trips you can get a general idea of some of the types of adventures we like to share below.

Liveaboard Snorkeling Trips
There is a world of difference going on liveaboard trips designed for snorkelers, instead of a mixed boat with divers, because most of the time the boat is really focused on the divers, with snorkelers as an afterthought. On a snorkeler only boat, every spot you visit, from remote atolls to barrier reefs, has shallow snorkeling at perfect depths.

Liveaboard snorkeling trips usually have a small boat that takes you to the spots from the main boat numerous times a day.

And being able to be immersed in snorkeling two or three times a day, in a different amazing spot each time, for a week or two, is really a great way to explore the ocean. You get to see so many different ecosystems and types of fish and coral reefs. It's a very different experience than snorkeling tours that go out for a few hours in popular tourist areas. These are more like snorkeling expeditions.

Most of the time these types of snorkel trips are full service, where your food is prepared for you, your rooms are taken care of, and all you have to do is get in the water, rinse and repeat.

Group snorkeling trips are fun!

Resort Snorkel Trips
There are also resorts with beautiful house reefs for snorkeling and small boats that can take you to wonderful nearby snorkeling reefs. You can choose whether you want to venture out or stay close each day. The best resorts are usually remote and include some meals with your stay. These spots make for great snorkel trips too.

Resort based snorkeling group trips are a great way to go. A wonderful house reef to snorkel whenever you want and small boat snorkel trips everyday to see even more!

Snorkeling programs like these are hard to find though. But we have a couple of different partners we work with that create these types of adventures.

If you have have a company that runs snorkeling trips that you are interested in us promoting, please contact us.



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