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Join the amazing snorkeling trips below to see some of the best reefs in the world. These group snorkel trips are arranged and led by a friend of ours (we are just promoting them, not running them). She puts together snorkeling adventures, often on liveaboard boats, and arranges nearly everything for you. So, it is easy to explore fantastic snorkeling spots!

Snorkeling Trips Organizer

Wendy has been a travel agent since 1978 and is based in California. She is a snorkel nut like us and has been organizing snorkel trips to amazing places around the world since 2009. And she has personally snorkeled an astonishing number of exotic reefs around the world. With her snorkeling trips you can expect everything to be excellently organized and a lot of fun. Read more about Wendy, reviews of her trips and about our partnership further down this page.

2017 Trips

Flores To Alor Liveaboard Snorkeling Trip - An adventure to a rarely visited area of the vibrant Coral Triangle in Indonesia aboard the beautiful ship Pindito. Enjoy 12 days with an all snorkeler group exploring these waters as well as visiting local island cultures and landscapes. 

Komodo Islands Liveaboard Snorkeling Trip - Explore this section of the incredible Coral Triangle aboard the wonderful Pindito. In addition to snorkeling your heart out, you get to see the Komodo dragons in the national park. This 12 night trip begins on the beautiful island of Bali.

Wakatobi Resort Snorkeling Trip - In Indonesia, this eco-resort offers access to some of the most diverse and amazing reefs in the world. During your 8 night trip, you can snorkel the house reef from shore as much as you want. Plus you get 4 days snorkeling by boat, too.

More About Wendy & Our Partnership

Besides being an experienced travel agent, she is also a true snorkel enthusiast and has been organizing similar snorkel trips since 2009, to places like Raja Ampat, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Palau.

Her goal is to create dedicated snorkeling trips that are reasonable in cost.

Wendy's Snorkeling Bio Is Amazing! 
Following are just some of the spots she has snorkeled. In the South Pacific: Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Palau, Niue, Vanuatu, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and Australia in the Great Barrier Reef. In Southeast Asia: Raja Ampat (in Indonesia), Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In North America: many of the Caribbean islands, Belize and Honduras. In South America: the Galapagos. Off Africa: Zanzibar and the Seychelles. Off India: the Maldives.

Our Partnership
As part of this partnership we receive a referral fee for helping her get the word out about her trips. And we have now been on a trip she planned in the Maldives and it was excellent for focusing 100% on snorkeling and was remarkably well organized. We also contacted a number of other snorkelers who have been on her trips, asking detailed questions about their experience and in particular Wendy's professionalism and skills as a travel organizer. And we heard glowing reviews.

By all accounts she creates fantastic trips and has a genuine love for snorkeling. The fact that 100% of the people who went on a previous snorkeling trip with her signed up for another one, really says something. They have started to call themselves "Wendy's Wanderers". And having worked with Wendy now promoting a number of her trips she has been great to work with.

Here is what some people have to say about Wendy and these trips:

"Essentially, Wendy is just a fantastic snorkeler who happens to be a travel agent - what an awesome combination! As you have probably seen, most of the popular locations have boats chartered for divers and rarely offer snorkelling tours. So Wendy has the ability to charter the boat for us in these locations and then offer the trip for snorkelers at a reasonable cost. Essentially we got the exact same tour…same boat, same quality of snorkelling guides, same destinations, that other operators offer, and it was almost half the cost. I emphatically recommend her. She isn't 'selling' anything. She just wants to snorkel in these locations, just like we do - and has the skills and ability to organize the trips for us." - Carol

"Wendy uses her long experience as a travel agent to make the communication with her clients timely and concise. It was GREAT being on board with all snorkelers. It allowed us to focus on what we were there for...snorkeling. And the food was terrific! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves snorkeling. We're going to Palau with Wendy in 2015 and have reserved 3 cabins so our adult children can go next time. You're going to love traveling with Wendy. It's just not possible not to. She's very good at what she does and she's a lot of fun to be with." - Ki

"Just returned from a fantastic liveaboard snorkeling adventure on the Tropic Dancer in Palau with Wendy... It was pure heaven! Incredible scenery, gorgeous fish and coral, great traveling companions,  a crew that went the limit to spoil us all, and sharks, turtles and mantas all within an hour -- it doesn't get any better! The water, reefs and creatures, as well as the people of Palau, can only be described as fantastic. All I can say is, go with Wendy if you get a chance! My trip could not have been better arranged, and every minute was pure delight." -Linda

"We heard about Wendy while on an 18 day trip to China. The trip leader guide said that this trip was his first time working with Wendy and that it was the best planning experience he'd had with a travel agent in his 40 years of leading trips. High praise. She helped on us on that trip with some complex travel in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We were delighted with the results, and have since gone on a snorkel trip with her to the Solomon Islands." - John

Why Wendy Loves Creating These Liveaboard Trips:
"It's so special to be on a liveaboard because the underwater scenery and marine life is ever changing. You unpack once and live in a bathing suit for 7 to 10 days. There is wonderful camaraderie on board as everyone is sharing a passion. The rhythm of the day is something like this. Eat breakfast, snorkel for 2 hours. Rest, eat lunch and maybe nap while the boat moves to a new position. In the afternoon another 2 hour session. Enjoy the evening and perhaps take a night snorkel. Time to read, time to enjoy your traveling companions. Repeat! Of course people can snorkel at their own pace and get out of the water at any time." - Wendy



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