Find Snorkeling Travel Friends

Snorkeling Travel Friends

Would you like to meet other snorkelers and become snorkeling travel friends? Maybe you are a solo traveling snorkeler who wants to find a traveling partner who loves the same things you do?

Yes? Then join the Snorkeling Travel Friends Facebook group. The group was started for just that purpose!

This group gives you the opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers who like the same activities, and then start planning some trips together to great snorkeling destinations. It is a private group, but it's easy to join, and free. You can chat openly on the group main page, share pictures and location tips. And you can also communicate privately with people who you are interested in maybe traveling with.

How Did Snorkeling Travel Friends Start?

Over the years we have had numerous requests to help solo travelers in particular to find other solo travelers. In our newsletter we asked our readers for suggestions on the best way to do this. And we settled on Facebook groups as the most effective. And one of our readers Buffy took up the challenge of starting the group and moderating it. It took off immediately and looks to be a great place to meet new snorkeling buddies. 

Note that the group does not allow any advertising or selling, which is a good thing.

We (Galen & Nicole), are helping to promote the page, but are otherwise unaffiliated.

What About Organized Group Snorkeling Trips?

Visit our Group Snorkeling Trips page. We are working on finding companies we can recommend that offer snorkeler only trips. That way, you don't have to find a snorkel buddy, but will simply be on a trip with other snorkelers.



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